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Appendix B

This webpage reproduces an appendix to
The History of West Point

William F. H. Godson

Philadelphia, 1934

The text is in the public domain.

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and I believe it to be free of errors.
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Appendix D
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 p90  Appendix C

(Letter dated January 25th, 1934, from Mr. W. F. Norris, class of 1872, one of the oldest living graduates.)

Pasadena, Calif.
January 25, 1934.

Mr. W. F. H. Godson, Jr.
Norwood, Pa.

Dear Sir:

I wish I could help you with citation of West Point incidents but I recall little or nothing of sufficient importance for your use. Only four of the class are living. It might be that Col. T. W. Jones, living at Long Beach of this State could help you. I am proud to call myself a West Pointer, more so thatº College or University in the United States. I still recall the First Section in Law: Griffith, Blunt, Abbot, Wallace, Birnie, Parkhurst, Briggs, Moore, Wood, Low, Carr, Baker, Lyon, Lemly. If called today only Birnie would respond.

I will never forget Col. B (?) commandant of Cadets​1 whose name, I suppose, is well nigh forgotten at the Point. He was a big man with a big voice, but biggest of all a big heart. I shall always hold him in grateful remembrance as I do other of my army friends. One was Chaplin, a graduate of '70 who in bidding me goodbye said "Now, Norris it has always been a doubtful question whether you or I was the homeliest man at West Point, but, now I am going there will be no question about it." Chaplin was good if not handsome.

I regret to have no recollections to assist you, but, if you have not done so try Colonel Jones. He is one of my class whose acquaintance I value highly. He and I meet occasionally and talk over West Point friends and the old army which we both agree, as old timers will, is quite unlike the present army.

Wishing you abundant success in obtaining interesting material for your thesis,

Sincerely yours,

(signed) W. F. Norris.

Godson's Note:

1 The reference would appear to be to Major Henry M. Black, 7th Infantry (Colonel of Volunteers, U. S. Army), who was Commandant of Cadets September 22, 1864 – July 1, 1870. G.

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