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This webpage reproduces a section of
The Cadet Chapel

George S. Pappas

(2nd edition)
West Point, N. Y., 1958

The text is in the public domain.

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and I believe it to be free of errors.
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Chapter 1
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 p7  Preface

Ten years ago, when the author was a cadet,​a the late Bishop John B. Walthour, then cadet chaplain, often spoke of the need for a booklet on the Cadet Chapel. I have tried, throughout my preparation, to do this work as I think the "Boss‑man" would have liked to have had it done. It is a small tribute to a truly great man who has had a profound influence upon my life.

The preparation of this booklet was complicated by several obstacles, chief of which was a lack of information on the Chapel itself. I have endeavored to utilize all possible sources: the firm which designed the Chapel, the descendants of the architect, the National Archives in Washington, and the USMA Library. The results of this extensive research are incorporated in the booklet. However, it must be pointed out that a possibility of error exists in the interpretation of some of the Chapel embellishments, particularly the clerestory stringcourse. The booklet is so organized that the visitor may use any one chapter as a separate entity and aid in inspecting the Chapel. At the same time, the booklet is designed to be a comprehensive description of the Chapel.

Preparation of a booklet of this nature obviously cannot be the work of one person alone. I desire to express my appreciation to the following, each of whom has contributed information in varying degrees: Chaplain Frank E. Pulley; Frederick C. Mayer, the organist; Captain Thomas M. Constant; Lee Lawrie, the sculptor of many of the Chapel embellishments; William Goodhue and Hugh Goodhue, nephew and son respectively of the Chapel architect; Brigadier General John M. Carson, USA, Ret., former USMA Quartermaster; Elliott L. Chisling, formerly with the firm of Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson; A. E. Hoyle of the firm of Cram and Ferguson, and Dr. Sidney Forman, USMA Archivist. I desire, also, to thank Charles Wielert and White Studio for the photograph used as a frontispiece; Albert Murphy, Major G. A. Tuttle, and Captain C. W. Kingsbury for the many photographs taken of embellishments; Leo des Rosiers for the diagram of the Sanctuary Window; George Hefferman and  p8 Bill Onasch, representatives of the publishers, for their able advice and technical assistance; the members of the Cadet Religious Welfare Board for their able review of the booklet; and Miss Frances Loughrey, Miss Alvina Mannion, and Mrs. Marilyn Hearns for typing the manuscript.

Even with this aid, however, the project could never have been completed without the advice, assistance, and encouragement given by Colonel L. E. Schick and Colonel W. J. Morton, Jr. I can only hope that my editorial efforts equal, in some small degree, the quality of Colonel Schick's drawings. And last, but by no means least, I must thank my wife, Pat, for her patient understanding which has made it possible for me to devote many long hours to the preparation of this booklet, hours which might have been spent with her and my family.

George S. Pappas

Major, Artillery

West Point, New York
1 May 1953

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The first edition of the Cadet Chapel Booklet was launched with some apprehension regarding its reception. The enthusiastic response from all who have seen it has been such as to justify the second revised publication. I desire to thank the Superintendent, Lieutenant General Garrison H. Davidson, for giving me the opportunity for accomplishing the revision of my original work. I wish also to express my appreciation to the Cadet Chaplain, the Reverend George M. Bean, and the members of the Cadet Chapel Board for their assistance, and to Mrs. Grethe Cooper for preparing the manuscript. Colonel Lawrence E. Schick, whose illustrations added so much to the original publication, has again given me his wholehearted support without which my work could not have been completed.


Colorado Springs, Colorado
1 April 1958

Thayer's Note:

a George Steve Pappas was a member of the Class of 1944.

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