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History of Georgia

Histories and Source Documents

For now, there is no comprehensive history of the state on my site; but at the same time, about a third of the 76 books on American history onsite go into some detail, at one point or another, on some facet of Georgia history. Those with the most are listed below.

[image ALT: A map of (what would become) the eastern United States at the end of the 19c, shaded to show the Spanish portion in the west and the American portion in the east; where the two regions touch is deliberately blurry. It is the icon on this site for Arthur Preston Whitaker's book, 'The Spanish-American Frontier: 1783‑1795'.]

The Spanish-American Frontier: 1783‑1795 (by Arthur Preston Whitaker), subtitled The Westward Movement and the Spanish Retreat in the Mississippi Valley, is about Spain and Louisiana and the Mississippi and Kentucky; but Georgia, her frontier, and her land claims also enter into the story, especially in chapters 4 and 9.

[image ALT: A map of the United States in which the South is broken off somewhat separately. The image is further explained on the text of the linked webpage, and serves as the icon on my site for Dumond's book, 'The Secession Movement, 1860‑1861'.]

Dwight Lowell Dumond's The Secession Movement, 1860‑1861 details how the North and South pulled apart. It's far more complex than is presented in school texts, which after all are designed as propaganda; Georgia's particular path to secession is of course covered, especially in chapters 5, 7 and 10.

And then, squirreled away in the American History Notes section of the site, other Georgia material, listed here in more or less chronological order:

[image ALT: A close-up of a collection of papers spread out on a table. It is the icon used on this site to represent my American History Notes subsite.]

The Yamassee Revolt of 1597 and the Destruction of the Georgia Missions: and the killing of the Spanish Franciscans

Projects for Colonization in the South, 1684‑1732: despite the unspecific title, this is almost entirely about the country that would become Georgia.

The Muscle Shoals Speculation, 1783‑1789

Florida against Georgia: their 19c boundary dispute.

The North Carolina and Georgia Boundary: an early‑19c boundary discrepancy, amicably solved.

The Civil War Career of General Joseph Wheeler: the Confederate cavalry­man, often remembered for the last year of the War between the States, during which his men wreaked havoc in Georgia.

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[image ALT: A flag consisting of three wide horizontal stripes, with a large square field in the upper left-hand corner, on which can be seen a stylized domed tempietto in a circle of thirteen stars. It is the flag of the State of Georgia.]

The icon I use to indicate this subsite is the state's flag. The red and white stripes can be considered to come from both the American and the Confederate flag (the "Stars and Bars", not the battle flag we usually think of); and the device on the field, within the circle of stars — a stylized tempietto with banners reading Constitution, Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation, and a Revolutionary era soldier standing guard — is from the state seal.

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