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Chapter 24

This webpage reproduces a chapter of
Iowa As It Is in 1856

N. Howe Parker

Chicago and Philadelphia, 1856

The text is in the public domain.

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Chapter 26
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 p234  Chapter XXV

State Officers and Congressmen,
from the Admission into the Union to the Present Time

Governor.Term, 4 Years.

Beginning of Term
1. Ansel Briggs November 30, 1846
2. Stephen Hempstead December 2, 1850
3. James W. Grimes December 3, 1854

Secretary of State.Term, 2 Years.

1. Elisha Cutler, Jr. November 30, 1846
2. Josiah H. Bonney December 2, 1848
3. George W. McCleary (3 terms) December 2, 1850

Auditor of State.Term, 2 Years.

1. Joseph T. Fales (2 terms) November 30, 1846
2. William Pattee (2 terms) December 2, 1850
3. A. J. Stevens December 3, 1854

Treasurer of State.Term, 2 Years.

1. Morgan Reno (2 terms) November 30, 1846
2. Israel Kister December 2, 1850
3. M. L. Morris (2 terms) December 2, 1852

Superintendent of Public Instruction.Term, 3 Years.

1. James Harlan (election declared illegal) April, 1847
2. Thomas H. Benton, Jr. (2 terms) April, 1848
3. James D. Eads April, 1854

 p235  Board of Public Works.Term, 2 Years.

1. Hugh W. Sample, President August 2, 1847
1. Charles Corkery, Secretary August 2, 1847
1. Paul Bratton, Treasurer August 2, 1847
2. William Patterson, President August 6, 1849
2. Jesse Williams, Secretary August 6, 1849
2. º George Gillaspy, Treasurer August 6, 1849

Commissioner and Register of the Des Moines River Improvement.
— Term, 2 Years.

1. V. P. Antwerp, Commissioner appointed from Feb. 1, 1853.
2. Josiah H. Bonney, Commissioner elected, April 4, 1853
1. George Gillaspy, Register appointed February 1, 1851
2. Paul Jeffers, Register appointed February 1, 1852
3. George Gillaspy, Register elected, April 4, 1853

Attorney-General.Term, 2 Years.

1. D. C. Cloud August 1, 1853
2. D. C. Cloud August 7, 1854

The Executive, in 1855

James W. Grimes, of Burlington, Governor
George W. McCleary, Iowa City, Secretary of State
A. J. Stevens, Fort Des Moines, Auditor
M. L. Morris, Iowa City, Treasurer
James D. Eads, Iowa City, Superintendent of Public Instruction
D. C. Cloud, Muscatine, Attorney-General
Wm. McKay, Commissioner of the Des Moines River Improvement
John C. Lockwood, Register of the Des Moines River Improvement
Anson Hart, Register of the Land Office

The Legislature

Maturin L. Fisher, President of the Senate
Reuben Noble, Speaker of the House of Representatives

 p236  Congressional Delegation

George W. Jones, of Dubuque, Senator Term expires, 1859
James Harlan, of Mt. Pleasant, Senator Term expires, 1861
Augustus Hall, of Keosauqua, Representative
James Thorington, of Davenport, Representative

The Judiciary

Supreme Court

George G. Wright, Keosauqua, Chief Justice
W. G. Woodward, Muscatine, Associate Justice
N. W. Isbell, Marion, Associate Justice
George S. Hampton, Iowa City, Clerk

District Court for Iowa

J. J. Dyer, of Dubuque, Judge
J. C. Knapp, of Keosauqua, District Attorney
Laurel Summers, of Le Claire, Marshal
Warner Lewis, of Dubuque, Surveyor-General

Note. — The election for Governor, State Officers, and Board of Public Works is held on the first Monday in August. The term of service of the Governor and State Officers commences on the first Monday in December following the election.

Times of Holding Elections

1. General Election — Is held 1st Monday in August, every two years. Time of holding next General Election will be August, 1856. Officers elected: A Governor, once in four years; a State Senator, once in four years; a Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor of State, Prosecuting Attorney, Clerk of the District Court, Representatives to the General Assembly, and Representatives to Congress, every two years.

 p237  2. August Election — Is held 1st Monday in August, every two years, alternate with the years of the General Election. Officers elected: County Judge, once in four years; Sheriff, Coroner, Recorder, and Surveyor, every two years.

3. April Election — Is held annually, 1st Monday in April. Officers elected: Judge of District Court, once in five years; Superintendent of Public Instruction, once in three years; School Fund Commissioner, once in two years; three Township Trustees, a Clerk, two Constables, and an Assessor, every year; two Justices of the Peace (or as many as the Trustees of each township may direct), every two years (one being elected each year).

4. Presidential Election — Is holden 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November, 1856, and every four years thereafter, for the election of Electors of President and Vice-President of the United States, the number of whom is equal to the number of Senators and Representatives in Congress to which this State may be entitled.

5. City Elections — Held at such times as fixed by the charter, or as regulated by ordinance; electing Mayor, Marshal, Clerk, Treasurer, and Aldermen.

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