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Section H

This webpage reproduces a section of
The History of Jenkins, Kentucky

published by The Jenkins Area Jaycees
Jenkins, Kentucky 1973

The text is in the public domain.

This text has not yet been proofread.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!


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Section J
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I‑1 Kentucky Power Company

The following article was prepared by Theda Childers, who has been employed by the Kentucky Power Company since January 2, 1947.

In December of 1946, Kentucky and West Virginia Power Company (as were known at that time) acquired this district from Consolidation Coal Company. Prior to that time, we had been supplying them with power. To what extent I could not find out, but quite a bit, I understand. We later became known as the Kentucky Power Company.

Our company has grown, I feel in many ways. We now have 256 total electric homes and business places in Jenkins. Some of our homes, of course, are new homes, but many more of the older homes have converted to electric heat (especially retired miners) as they find it costs less than they ever dreamed possible.

We are all proud of our new Jenkins High School, which is total electric. Our bank here in town, the Jenkins Branch of the Whitesburg Bank, The Jenkins Telephone Company, Polly and Craft Funeral Home, The New Dollar General Store, and also the old Jenkins office building is total electric with seven apartments, radio station, Dr. Perry's office, Claudia Holbrook's beauty shop, Kentucky Power Company, and Cooper and Gullett Law Firm. It's nice to have them in town. The Jenkins Clinic Hospital, Mabel's Dress Shop, Aileen's Dress Shop are total electric. The Burdine School now under construction will be total electric. If I've missed anyone, I'm sorry.

Our new sub-station was added for our customers in the year of 1966, as we had more load on our lines, and we have had good service with the addition of the sub-station.

One other feature that has been added is the new 765,000.00 ultra-high voltage transmission line, which should supply all our needs for electricity.

We are now working with Beth-Elkhorn Coal Corporation on their new project at Overlook Terrace, which will be total electric with under­ground service. They now have four houses completed which are total electric and have started on the mobile home sites, which will be large enough to accommodate 65 units in the mobile-home category. They also plan to have a car wash at this location and a grocery store and laundromat. This certainly would be a help to our town.

The Jenkins Masonic Lodge is also total electric, and Pack's Dairy Bar, owned by Mander and Jeannette Johnson, and Cavalier Dairy Land, owned by R. J. and Johnnie Ellenberg.

I'm sure most of the people in this area are acquainted with James W. Skiles as our serviceman. We are fortunate to have Mr. Skiles with us. He is a very fine person and very willing to be of help to anyone that needs help.

I‑2 Phillips 66 Service Station and Mabel's Dress Shop

It was February 1933, forty years ago, I came to Jenkins seeking employment. Jobs were scarce and it was almost impossible to get a job at that time.

One month later I was employed by the Consolidation Coal Company at No. 6 mine, as laborer on the No. 6 timber yard, under the supervision of Ivan B. (Moon) Mullins. This was my first job.

In 1938, on October 8, I was married to Mabel Ruth Mullins, daughter of Mrs. Katie Mullins of Jenkins.

In 1939, I was transferred from the No. 6 mine to clerk in Jenkins Store. Mr. R. L. Hughes was manager at this time. Six months later I was sent to Dunham store, as assistant to Mr. C. O. Glass. After six months with Mr. Glass, I was sent to Letcher Service Station at Dunham as manager. This job lasted until 1943.

On September 7, 1943, I was inducted into the Armed Services, U. S. Navy, until November 1945. After my discharge from the service I returned to work as manager of Gaskill (or #3) store. I resigned as manager in 1946.

Starting in February 1947, I worked for Bates General Store in East Jenkins. I worked here approximately two years.

It was in 1949 that I bought Harold Greer's interest in the Ashland Service Station, which then became Taylor and Robinson Service Station. This partner­ship lasted eight years. On April 19, 1956, I sold my interest in the station to Charles Taylor.

In 1954, I purchased from the First National Bank of Pikeville, what was known as the Tucker Building. This property I sold to Joe Cannon of Neon, Kentucky.

In May, 1956, I was fortunate enough to buy land from the Consolidation Coal Company which is my present location.

In July 1956, construction began on what is now Phillips 66 Service Station. On December 1, 1956 this station was opened for business. In July, 1957, another business was opened, the 66 Drive‑In Restaurant under the management and supervision of my wife, Mabel. This was operated for twelve years to 1969. Today in the same building, Mabel operates what is known as Mabel's Dress Shoppe.

These are the stepping stones to my life in Jenkins. The span of pebbles between each stone was the hardest.

The success of Phillips 66 Service Station and Mabel's Dress Shoppe, has been made possible by hard work and our many friends and devoted customers, to all of whom we extend our sincere thanks.

Ernest and Mabel Robinson

I‑3 Aileen's Dress Shoppe

On May 4, 1968, The Aileen's Dress Shoppe on Lakeside Drive opened for business under the owner­ship of Mrs. Aileen Newsome.

The opening of the Aileen Shoppe brought to Jenkins the first women's shop that had ever been in town.

An addition to the shoppe was added in 1972. Aileen also expanded her merchandise to include men's wear.

Aileen is married to Ballard Newsome and they have one son, Jerry, who has just graduated from Virginia Tech.

Cavalier Drug Store

The Cavalier Drug Store in East Jenkins was purchased from Laurence and Nina Bartley in 1945 by Joe and Mary Eversole.

The Eversoles moved from their East Jenkins location in 1952 and are still in the same building.

In the summer of 1965, Joe Eddie Eversole and his wife, Joe Annº, returned to Jenkins from Lexington to help with the management of the store.

The pharmacy in the store is now owned by Wendell "Butch" Boggs, also a native of Jenkins.

Farley's Ashland Service Station

Bill Farley purchased the Ashland Service Station from Charlie Taylor on May 1, 1963. He has, at present, three fulltime employees; Paul Sanders, Donnie Sergent and Bobby Lucas.

Bill is married to the former Jimmie Ann Burchett. They have three children: Susan Lynn, age 17; Lisa Carol, age 11; and Billy, age 7.

Susan is the reigning "Miss Letcher County Teenager."

I‑4 Hawkins Brothers Lumber Company

The Hawkins Brothers Lumber Company opened for business on Main Street in Jenkins on May 15, 1972.

The owners are Jimmy Dale Hawkins and Harold Hawkins. The manager of the store is Jack Ramey.

The company carries a complete line of building materials.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their valued patronage.

City Grocery

The City Grocery opened on June 15, 1969 on Main Street in Jenkins. It has since remained opened from 8:30 until 9 P.M. for the convenience of our shoppers.

The store is owned and operated by Mrs. Elaine Lucas with the helpful assistance of Mrs. Nona Lucas.

Elaine has two sons, Dave and Jimmy. She would like to thank all of her customers for shopping at City Grocery.

Wright's Market

On February 13, 1972, Wright's Market opened for business under the owner­ship of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wright. The business was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stambaugh.

The market specializes in "WondeRoastº chicken"​a and fresh produce.

Ralph and Billie have two daughters, Teresa and Rebecca, and two grandchildren, Angela and Larry.

The Wright's would like to extend their appreciation to all of their customers for shopping with them.

Thayer's Note:

a Several years after putting this text online, I received an e‑mail from the company letting me know of the misspelling in the text as printed — and naturally, I learned something. WondeRoast, Inc. is still very much in business (website); they make rotisseries that, when used in combination with their special seasoning, allow even a small store to make an excellent roast chicken that might otherwise be out of its reach: and that was the point being made here, by either the writer of this squib, or more likely, by the Wrights when interviewed for the book.

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