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Letcher County, Kentucky

A county in southeastern Kentucky: 878 sq. km     Population in 2000: 25,200.     County seat: Whitesburg

[image ALT: A small wooden house in a densely wooded patch of hill. It is a house near Jenkins, Kentucky (central eastern United States).]

An old house near Jenkins.

[image ALT: A low brick building with several pitched roofs, by a parking lot. It is a view of the Public Library of Jenkins, Kentucky (central eastern United States).]

[ 3/9/06: 30 pages (141 pages of print), 6 photos;
plus those in my diary ]

Jenkins is the largest town in Letcher County, and as it turns out, the one I know best, thanks to two stays there, totalling nearly a month. My site is still very much to be developed; but already does include an entire book published on the town.

[image ALT: A sort of small tower on the corner of a wooden building. It is part of the old South Eastern Coal Company store, now the Highland Winery in Seco, Kentucky (central eastern United States).]

[ 1/3/06: 4 pages, 16 photos; plus those in my diary ]

The old coal mining outpost of Seco couldn't be a prettier place. It's now known mostly for its winery; and this although Letcher County is "dry" — no alcohol for public sale.

[image ALT: missingALT Kona, Kentucky (central eastern United States).]

[ 6/16/09: 2 pages, 5 photos ]

Kona is a tiny place, another early‑20c mining town with no more mine; but Daniel Boone may have left his mark here, and it has other curious history as well.

[image ALT: missingALT]

[ 12/24/05: 1 page, 2 photos; and one more in my diary ]

Now the hamlet of Almira is not in the county, and not even in Kentucky: rather, in Virginia. But Almira is no more than four miles away, my page is rather slight, and for now I have nothing else on Virginia. On this site then, for a while at least, she's an adoptive Kentuckian.

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