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Water and Storm Management in New Orleans

A Selection of Historical Documents

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April 1895: Report on the Drainage of the City of New Orleans, by an Advisory Board appointed by the City Council, zzz

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September 1901: A Wonderful Drainage System, a brief article reporting the completion of the first section of drainage works.

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September 1914: New Orleans — Brief History of Sewerage, Water and Drainage, a progress report in which the then mayor summarizes some of the flood control work being done. Setting aside the boosterism and political spin, it's still of topical interest, since despite more recent improvements the basic system is still that put in place in the early 20c.

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October 1915: The Hurricane of Sept. 29th, 1915, the official report to the Sewerage and Water Board, written a few days later, on how New Orleans weathered the first hurricane after the flood control measures were implemented.

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