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This webpage reproduces an item in the
Louisiana Historical Quarterly

published by the
Louisiana Historical Society

The text is in the public domain.

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General James Wilkinson:
A Defense by his Great-Grandson

The 88‑page paper by the General's descendant and namesake James Wilkinson (Louisiana Historical Quarterly, Vol. I, No. 2, 1918) rambles without any clearcut divisions. The three "Parts" are mine, then: I cut the paper at the best places I could find, and the summaries below are rather general.

Part 1

Wilkinson's projects in the light of the fluid situation in Kentucky at the time; the nature of the payments he received from the Spanish government of Louisiana.


Part 2

More about that money. Wilkinson not involved with Burr, rather he warned President Jefferson about him.


Part 3

Aaron Burr, Daniel Clark, and Thomas Powers: dyed-in‑the‑wool knaves who should not be believed. Wilkinson actually sought out the legal proceedings against himself, knowing he would be cleared; and he was, fully, every time.


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