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History of Maryland

Histories and Source Documents

I have no comprehensive history of the state onsite yet; for the time being, material only on its two principal cities:

Annapolis — Its Colonial and Naval Story, by Walter B. Norris, does a rather good job of chronicling the 18c town and its society and evoking its atmosphere, as well as its travails during the War between the States; on the Naval Academy, the book is weak.

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William Puleston's Annapolis • Gangway to the Quarterdeck (1942) is a history of the Naval Academy, and thus not about Maryland; but it does inevitably relate to the history of the city and the state, and includes good material on the physical plant of the Academy, of course.

Similarly tangential, Proceedings of the U. S. Naval Institute (LXI.10) was a commemorative issue devoted to the Naval Academy on its 90th anniversary in 1935; but it contains even better material, and a wealth of photographs, of the Academy as it then was.

When some of the citizens of Baltimore, including the editors of an important newspaper and several generals with impeccable Revolutionary War credentials, protested the recently declared War of 1812, others, feeling themselves to be better patriots, went on a murderous rampage: the Great Baltimore Riot of 1812 became an ever-topical example of how not to face pacifism. A report of it in a contemporaneous pamphlet.

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In the American History Notes section of the site, for now just a single item dealing with Maryland to any significant extent:

British Convicts Shipped to American Colonies

[ 10/7/11: 1 article, 22 pages of print ]

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