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This webpage reproduces a section of
Thence Round Cape Horn

Robert Erwin Johnson

published by
United States Naval Institute
Annapolis, Maryland

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!

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 p209  Appendix II

Officers Commanding United States
Naval Forces on Pacific Station

Captain John Downes, 1818‑20

Captain Charles Goodwin Ridgely, 1820‑21

Commodore Charles Stewart, 1821‑24

Commodore Isaac Hull, 1824‑26

Commodore Jacob Jones, 1826‑29

Commodore Charles C. B. Thompson, 1829‑31

Commodore John Downes, 1832‑34

Commodore Alexander Scammell Wadsworth, 1834‑36

Commodore Henry E. Ballard, 1837‑39

Commodore Alexander Claxton, 1839‑41

Captain Daniel Turner, 1841‑42

Commodore Thomas ap Catesby Jones, 1842‑43

Commodore Alexander James Dallas, 1843‑44

Captain James Armstrong, 1844

Commodore John Drake Sloat, 1844‑46

Commodore Robert Field Stockton, 1846‑47

Commodore William Branford Shubrick, 1847

Commodore James Biddle, 1847

Commodore William Branford Shubrick, 1847‑48

Commodore Thomas ap Catesby Jones, 1848‑50

Commodore Charles Stewart McCauley, 1850‑53

Commodore Bladen Dulany, 1853‑55

Commodore William Mervine, 1855‑57

Flag Officer John Collins Long, 1857‑59

Flag Officer John Berrien Montgomery, 1859‑62

Flag Officer Charles Henry Bell, 1862‑64
(Acting Rear Admiral, 15 September 1862)

Rear Admiral George Frederick Pearson, 1864‑66

North Pacific Squadron

Rear Admiral Henry Knox Thatcher, 1866‑68

Rear Admiral Thomas Tingey Craven, 1868‑69

South Pacific Squadron

Rear Admiral George Frederick Pearson, 1866‑67

Rear Admiral John Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren, 1867‑68

Rear Admiral Thomas Turner, 1868‑69

Pacific Station

 p210  Rear Admiral Thomas Turner, 1869‑70

Rear Admiral John Ancrum Winslow, 1870‑72

North Pacific Station

Rear Admiral Alexander Mosely Pennock, 1872‑74

Rear Admiral John Jay Almy, 1874‑76

Rear Admiral Alexander Murray, 1876‑78

South Pacific Station

Rear Admiral Charles Steedman, 1872‑73

Rear Admiral Napoleon Collins, 1874‑75

Rear Admiral Reed Werden, 1875‑76

Commodore Charles Henry Bromedge Caldwell, 1876

Rear Admiral George Henry Preble, 1877

Pacific Station

Rear Admiral Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers, 1878‑80

Rear Admiral Thomas Holdup Stevens, 1880‑81

Rear Admiral George Beall Balch, 1881‑83

Rear Admiral Aaron Konkle Hughes, 1883‑84

Rear Admiral John Henry Upshur, 1884‑85

Rear Admiral Edward Yorke McCauley, 1885‑87

Rear Admiral Lewis Ashfield Kimberly, 1887‑90

Rear Admiral George Brown, 1890‑93

Rear Admiral John Irwin, 1893‑95

Rear Admiral Lester Anthony Beardslee, 1895‑97

Rear Admiral Joseph Nelson Miller, 1897‑98

Commodore Albert Kautz, 1898‑1901

Rear Admiral Silas Casey, 1901‑3

Rear Admiral Henry Glass, 1903‑5

Rear Admiral Caspar Frederick Goodrich, 1905‑6

Rear Admiral William Thomas Swinburne, 1906‑7

Pacific Fleet

Rear Admiral Henry Dayton, 1907‑8

Rear Admiral William Thomas Swinburne, 1908‑9

Rear Admiral Uriel Sebree, 1909‑10

Rear Admiral Giles Bates Harber, 1910

Rear Admiral Edward Buttevant Barry, 1910‑11

Rear Admiral Chauncey Thomas, 1911‑12

Rear Admiral William Henry Hudson Southerland, 1912‑13

Rear Admiral Walter Cleveland Cowles, 1913‑14

Rear Admiral Thomas Benton Howard, 1914‑15
(Admiral, 11 March 1915)

Admiral Cameron McRae Winslow, 1915‑16

Admiral William Banks Caperton, 1916‑19

Admiral Hugh Rodman, 1919‑21

Admiral Edward Walter Eberle, 1921‑23

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