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This webpage reproduces an appendix in

Force Mulberry
Alfred Stanford
[Commander, U. S. N. R.]

published by
William Morrow and Company
New York

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
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Appendix 2
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 p207  Appendix One

Task Organization and Assignments USN Personnel in Portsmouth Area
Mulberry A

Task Group Headquarters:

1. Will be afloat in the Operation with Captain Clark. At present some are temporarily in Portsmouth and Southwick.

Deputy T. G. Commander Comdr. A. B. Stanford
Technical Engineer Lt. Comdr. A. W. Langevin
Operations & Intelligence Lt. J. Paige, Jr.
Communications Lt. (jg) W. Vandermay
Ass't Communications Lt. (jg) R. C. McCaughlin
Supply Officer Lt. S. G. Hall

Deputy Task Group Commander (Deputy C. T. G. 127.1):

1. Represents Captain Clark on overall Mulberry responsibilities, structures, assembly area dispatches, tugs, operations, maintenance, administration, liaison with U. S. Army.

 p208  2. Now located North Wing, Admiralty House C‑in‑C II, Ext. 603.

Comdr. A. B. Stanford

Tank Unit Commander (C. T. W. 127.1.3):

1. Responsible to Task Group Commander for training and Far Side installation. C. O. Whale and C. O. Phoenix report to C. T. W. 127.1.3. C. O.'s of USN Tugs in Portsmouth report to C. T. U. 127.1.3. Now located North Wing, Admiralty House C‑in‑C II, Ext. 603.

Comdr. C. R. Dennen

Officer in Charge, C. B. (CIC 108 CB C. T. U. 127.1.5):

1. Responsible to Captain Coryell and Captain Clark for administration and assignment of all C. B. personnel which man structures destined for Mulberry A.

2. Now located North Wing, Admiralty House C‑in‑C II, Ext. 604.

Comdr. E. T. Collier

3. Executive Offices, Lt. C. V. Evans, now located at Selsey, Telephone 84.

RAM/P Liaison: At Southwick House: Telephone SW — Ext. 272

Lt. Comdr. E. C. Endt

C. O. Whale:

1. Will operate under Comdr. C. R. Dennen on Far Shore. At Peel, Selsey and Marchwood now.

Lt. W. L. Freeburn

(Ass't) Chief Bos'n F. F. Hall

C. O. Phoenix:

1. Will operate under Comdr. C. R. Dennen on Far Shore. In charge at Selsey now.

Lt. F. H. Barton

(Ass't) Lt. H. L. Oakes

 p209  C. B. Structure Officers:

NOIC​1 Phoenix (C. T. U. 127.1.51) Lt. N. N. Twitchell
NOIC Pierheads (C. T. U. 127.1.52) Lt. W. P. Larsen
NOIC Bridging (C. T. U. 127.1.53) Lt. S. W. Read
Phoenix Sinking Team I Lt. W. F. Ablondi
Phoenix Sinking Team II Carp. G. S. Riadon

C. B. Staff Officers (Now at Selsey):

Medical Lt. H. J. Wujciak
Supply Lt. H. W. Clarke
Chaplain Lt. (jg) A. M. Sherman

Tug Operations and Administration Officers (C. T. U. 127.1.6):

1. Responsible for operations of USN and USA tugs assigned to Mulberry Towage, under Senior Operations Officer (RN), when designated at Lee‑on‑Solent. Operations will be transferred to this office at Lee Signal Tower when telephones have been installed. Expected date, May 3.

Lt. Comdr. E. A. Fintel

Staff of C. T. U. 127.1.6 at Lee:

1. Three (3) officers from U. S. Army for Tug Maintenance Administration, Repair and:

Engineering Maintenance & Supply Lt. W. R. Ward
Ass't Operations Ens. M. W. Johnson
Communications Lt. (jg) P. W. Langerak
Boatswain Maintenance & Supplies Lt. P. C. Southworth
Ass't Maintenance & Supplies Lt. R. B. Olsen

Eastern Assembly and Dispatch Area:

1. To work with Royal Navy Officers assigned in dispatching tows for U. S. Mulberry A from Dungeness after 15 May.

2. At present, Operations, North Wing, Admiralty House.

Lt. (jg) J. S. Rubel

 p210  Western Assembly and Dispatch Area:

1. To work with Royal Navy Officers assigned aboard H. M. S. Queen of Thanet with Commander Kitkat, Royal Navy.

Lt. (jg) J. W. Landis

Lt. (jg) R. M. Fish

Peel: Resters' Holiday Camp:

Whale Engineering Ens. R. R. Hodge
Dispatches Lt. (jg) D. W. Schmidt
Dispatches Lt. (jg) H. H. Brinkman

The Author's Note:

1 NOIC — Naval Officer in Charge.

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