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Chapter 19

This webpage reproduces a section of
History of North Carolina

The Lewis Publishing Company
Chicago and New York, 1919
Volume III by
J. G. de Roulhac Hamilton

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though,
please let me know!

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Vol. I

It is an impossibility to list in this bibliography all the sources of information employed in preparing this book. For the period from 1860 to 1876 the footnotes of my Reconstruction in North Carolina will furnish detailed references and the titles given below will indicate the sources mainly relied upon for the later period. Many miscellaneous newspapers and magazines have been consulted in addition to those listed and a large number of articles relating directly or indirectly to the state have been read.

1. Secondary Works

Ammen, D., The Atlantic Coast. (1885)

Battle, K. P., History of the University of North Carolina (2 vols. 1908‑1911)

Battle, K. P., Legislation of the Convention of 1861 (1900)

Brooks, E. C., The Story of Cotton (1911)

Clark, W., ed., North Carolina Regimental History (5 vols. 1901)

Cox, S. S., Three Decades of Federal Legislation (1885)

Dodge, T. A., Bird's Eye View of the Civil War (1897)

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Murphy, E. G., The Basis of Ascendancy (1910)

–––––, Problems of the Present South (1904)

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Wilkinson, John, The Narrative of a Blockade Runner (1877)

The South in the Building of the Nation (13 vols. 1909)

2. Manuscript Collections of Sources

Executive Correspondence: The letter books of the governors and the letters not therein included now in the collections of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

The Graham Papers (In the collections of the North Carolina Historical Commission)

The Hale Papers (In the collections of the North Carolina Historical Commission)

The Ruffin Papers (Now in process of publication by the North Carolina Historical Commission, edited by J. G. de Roulhac Hamilton)

The Shotwell Papers (In the possession of the author)

The Vance Papers (In the collections of the North Carolina Historical Commission)

The Journal of the Council of State (In the collections of the North Carolina Historical Commission)

 p423  The Record of the Provisional Governor (In the collections of the North Carolina Historical Commission)

3. Printed Collections of Sources

Battle, W. H., ed., The Habeas Corpus Cases. (1870)

Fleming, W. L., ed., Documentary History of Reconstruction (2 vols., 1906‑1907)

Hamilton, J. G. de Roulhac, ed., The Correspondence of Jonathan Worth (2 vols. 1909)

McPherson, Edward, ed., History of the Rebellion (1865)

––––Political History of the United States during the Period of Reconstruction (1870)

–––––, Handbook of Politics for 1872, 1874, 1876, 1878.

4. Public Documents

A. State

Laws of North Carolina. (1860‑1917)

Legislative Journals. (1860‑1917)

Legislative Documents. (1860‑1917)

Journal of the Convention. (1861‑62, 1865‑66, 1868, 1875)

Ordinances of the Convention. (1861‑62, 1865‑66, 1868, 1875)

North Carolina Reports. (1860‑1917)

Impeachment Trial of William W. Holden. (3 vols., 1871)

Impeachment Trial of David M. Furches and Robert M. Douglas. (1901)

Report of the Railroad Commission. (1891‑1898)

Report of the Corporation Commission. (1899‑1917)

B. Federal

The Congressional Globe. (1860‑1873)

The Congressional Record. (1873‑1917)

House Executive Documents. (1860‑1917)

House Miscellaneous Documents. (1860‑1917)

House Reports. (1860‑1917)

Senate Executive Documents. (1860‑1917)

Senate Miscellaneous Documents. (1860‑1917)

Senate Reports. (1860‑1917)

United States Reports. (1860‑1917)

Census Reports. (1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910)

Official Records of the War of the Rebellion.

 p424  Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion.

5. Contemporary Periodicals

The (Charlotte) Democrat.

The Charlotte Observer.

The (Elizabeth City) North Carolinian.

The Fayetteville Observer.

The (Greensboro) Industrial News.

The Greensboro News.

The (Greensboro) Patriot.

The (New Bern) Progress.

The (Raleigh) Confederate.

The (Raleigh) Conservative.

The (Raleigh) Constitution.

The (Raleigh) Era.

The (Raleigh) Morning Post.

The (Raleigh) News.

The (Raleigh) News and Observer.

The (Raleigh) North Carolina Standard.

The (Raleigh) Observer.

The (Raleigh) Progress.

The (Raleigh) Progressive Farmer.

The Raleigh Register.

The (Raleigh) State Chronicle.

The (Raleigh) State Journal.

The (Raleigh) Sentinel.

The (Raleigh) Tribune.

The (Tarboro) Southerner.

The (Salisbury) Watchman.

The (Salisbury) Western Carolinian.

The (Wilmington) Herald.

The (Wilmington) Journal.

The (Wilmington) Messenger.

The (Wilmington) Star.

The New York Herald.

The New York Sun.

The (New York) Times.

The (New York) Tribune.

 p425  Harper's Weekly.

The Nation.

The Outlook.

Public Opinion.

The American. (After 1875 Appleton's) Annual Cyclopaedia (1860‑1902)

The New International Year Book. (1907‑1917)

6. Biographies and Reminiscences

Ashe, S. A., ed., The Biographical History of North Carolina. (8 vols., 1905‑1917)

Connor, R. D. W., and Poe, Clarence, Life and Speeches of Charles B. Aycock. (1912)

Dowd, C., Life of Zebulon B. Vance (1897)

Ellis, John W., Diary (1875)

Memoirs of William W. Holden (1911)

Howard, O. O., Autobiography (2 vols., 1907)

McCulloch, Hugh, Men and Measures of Half-A‑Century (1888)

Schofield, Jno. M., Forty-six Years in the Army. (1897)

Sherman, William T., Memoirs. (1904)

Welles, E., ed., The Diary of Gideon Welles (3 vols., 1911)

7. Miscellaneous

Andrews, S., The South Since the War. (1865)

Democratic Handbook. (Issued for each campaign after 1882)

Marion Butler's Raleigh Speech (delivered November, 1910)

North Carolina and Its Resources (1896)

North Carolina Club Yearbook (1915‑1916, and 1916‑1917)

Populist Handbook (Issued for each campaign during the life of the party)

Republican Handbook (Issued for most of the campaigns since 1884)

Testimony in the Case of South Dakota v. North Carolina (1902)

Thirty Years of Southern Upbuilding (1912)

The University of North Carolina News Letter (1915‑1917)

The North Carolina Manual (1913, 1915, 1917)

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