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Indian Wars in North Carolina

Enoch Lawrence Lee

The Work

Indian Wars in North Carolina 1663‑1763 was a publication of the Historical Publications Section, Division of Historical Resources, Office of Archives and History, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. The State has issued an altogether new title on the subject to replace it, taking into account many new developments. The new book, Native Carolinians: The Indians of North Carolina was published by the State in 2010 and is among the 300‑some titles available at the NC Historical Publications Shop. A select group of publications is also available in Kindle format.

The work is inscribed:

To Larry and James

Table of Contents

The Land of the Indians


The Indians of North Carolina


Early Indian Wars 1663‑1711


The Tuscarora War; The Barnwell Expedition 1711‑1712


The Tuscarora War; The Moore Expedition 1712‑1715


The Yamassee and Cheraw Wars 1715‑1718


The Decline of the Coastal Plain Indians 1718‑1750


The Catawba Indians of the Piedmont Plateau


The Cherokee Indians of the Western Mountains


The French and Indian War


The Cherokee War; the Beginning


The Cherokee War; the End


The End of a Century


Technical Details

Edition Used, Copyright

I transcribed my own copy, of what is probably the only edition of the work, Raleigh, 1963; it bears no copyright notice. Under the law then in effect, it is in the public domain: details here on the copyright law involved.

Just the same, out of an abundance of caution, I checked whether a copyright might have been renewed in 1990 or 1991 as it would have had to be to remain under any initial copyright there might have been: but it was not, and the work is therefore definitely in the public domain.


The printed booklet has three black-and‑white illustrations: I've colorized the maps for readability. There is no Table of Illustrations; this table is mine:

The Cherokee Chief Cunne Shote, in 1762


Location of principal Indian tribes in North Carolina from 1633‑1763


Theater of the French and Indian War 1754‑1763


For citation and indexing purposes, the pagination is shown in the right margin of the text at the page turns (like at the end of this line); p57  these are also local anchors. Sticklers for total accuracy will of course find the anchor at its exact place in the sourcecode.

Some of the illustrations not reproduced, and a few of the ones I moved, take up an entire page of the book; in order to avoid the appearance of a page having been skipped in the transcription, their place is marked by a small bracketed page number in the left margin.[p58]

In addition, I've inserted a number of other local anchors: whatever links might be required to accommodate the authors' own cross-references, as well as a few others for my own purposes. If in turn you have a website and would like to target a link to some specific passage of the text, please let me know: I'll be glad to insert a local anchor there as well.


As almost always, I retyped the text by hand rather than scanning it — not only to minimize errors prior to proofreading, but as an opportunity for me to become intimately familiar with the work, an exercise which I heartily recommend: Qui scribit, bis legit. (Well-meaning attempts to get me to scan text, if success­ful, would merely turn me into some kind of machine: gambit declined.)

My transcription has been minutely proofread. In the table of contents above, the sections are shown on blue backgrounds, indicating that I believe the text of them to be completely errorfree. As elsewhere onsite, the header bar at the top of each chapter's webpage will remind you with the same color scheme.

The printed book was well proofread. The inevitable typographical errors, were all trivial: I marked them by a dotted underscore like this; as elsewhere on my site, glide your cursor over the bullet or the underscored words to read the variant. Similarly, bullets before measurements provide conversions to metric, e.g., 10 miles.

A number of odd spellings, curious turns of phrase, etc. have been marked <!‑‑ sic  in the sourcecode, just to confirm that they were checked.

Any other mistakes, please drop me a line, of course: especially if you have a copy of the printed book in front of you.

[image ALT: A painting of a man with a markedly oval face and a solemn expression. His head appears to be shaven or bald except for a stray lock over the forehead, and is crowned by a large, wide feather pointing behind him. He wears a cotton shirt and over it an elaborate robe with tassels or drawstrings, in which he conceals his left hand; in his right, clenched, he holds a slightly curved hunting knife about 25 cm long, pointing up. He is the 18c North Carolina Cherokee chief Cunne Shote. The image serves as the icon used on this site for my transcription of the book 'Indian Wars in North Carolina 1663‑1763'.]

The icon I use to indicate this subsite is a colored version of the frontispiece (for the details, see the illustration in its place in Chapter 1) flanked by the blue and red of the flag of North Carolina.

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