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This webpage reproduces a section of
The Journal

John Sevier

published in Vols. V and VI
of the Tennessee Historical Magazine,

The text is in the public domain.

This page has been carefully proofread
and I believe it to be free of errors.
If you find a mistake though, please let me know!


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John Sevier's Journal

 p163  Memo. that John Hartwell Lives on Walkers Creek Montgomery County Virginia.º

G Return 9th october 1793.

Col. Doherty officers & privates 179
Col. Kenedy 108
Kelly 183

9th Octo 1793

Officer of the day Colo. Doherty

Par. Blount
S. Smith

cap. Taylor Vann &
" Magahee rearguards.

Smalls place 10 Octo. 93

parole Burke​25
C. S Christian

Col. Kenedy officer of the day
Cap. Evans van & King rearguards.

7 miles [image ALT: an underscored blank] 30miles

Creek half way from Tenesee to Highwassee 11Oct. 1793

P. Washington
C. S. Greene

Col. Christian off. of the day
Capt. Beard & Gillaspy vann & Blair Rearguards.

Saturday 12thº 1793
Camp at Springstons town
24 miles.

P. Jefferson
C. S. Knox

Col. Kelly officer of the day.
Cap. Richardsons cavalry & Harrisons Infantry van & Carsons rearguards.

Curreys place 25 miles
Sunday 13th October 1793

P. Hawkins
C. S. France

Officer of day Col. Blair
Cap — Gest & Allison Van & Harrisons Rearguards

Camp east Vinesty (?) 16 miles.
Monday 14th Octb. 1793

Parole King
C. S. Judson (?)

Officer of the day Maj. Taylor & King Guards

Fired on the army Gen. orders.

It is ordered that from this time forward no person presume to set on fire any Indian Hutt or town in which there is corn or . . . provision without there is orders from me to do the same. No firing of guns in or out of camp except leave from me or a field officer be first obtained, and as the officers of every rank is sensible of the banefull Consequences of such unwarrantable Conduct It is earnestly requested that they will use their utmost exertion to prevent the same.

Easternoly​26 14 October 1793. Lewey Gant & Breed wounded last night Colonel Kelly with Knox Reg is detached to Coosacootee returned & burnt and destroyed the place.

 p164  Easternoly Tuesday 15 Octo. 1793.

P. Kenedy
C S. Doherty

Col. Doherty officer of the Day.
Evans & Carson guards

Fired on the army last night.

Frost last night Easternoly 16th Octo. 1793.

Easternoly 16th Octo. 1793

P. Columbia
C S. America

Col. Kelly Off. of the day.
Harrison van & Gillespy & Richardson rearguards.

Fired on by the enemy in the morning no damage done.

Camp Spring Creek 15 miles 17 Octo. 1793.

Par. Boston​27
C. S. New York

Col. Blair off of the day.
Makehee Van Taylor rearguards. Knox Reg. attacked Cap (?) 8 Hightower Weir & Pruit killed John Wallace wound.

Fryday 12 miles 18th Octob. 1793.

Parole Knoxville
C. S. Jonesbo.

Col. Kenedy​28 off of the day.
Evans Charles Allison Van & Tany rearguards.

Camp Nuo town 4 miles below the forks
Coon & Hightower 19 Oct. 1793.

Par. Washington
C S. Greene

Col. Christian off. of the day.
Carson van Blair & Beard rearguards.

Wallace died of his wounds last night.

Your murders and savage Barbarities have caused me to come into your Country Expecting you would fight like men, but you are like the Bairs and Wolves. The face of a white man makes you run fast into the woods and hide, u see what we have done and it is nothing to what we shall do in a short time. I pity your women & children for I am sure they must suffer and live like dogs but you are the Cause of it. You will make War, & then is afraid to fight, — our people whiped yours mightily two nights ago Crossing the river and made your people run very fast.


J. S.

To the Cherokees and their warriors if they Have Any.

Camp Head of Amutekah Creek 25 miles from
last encampment 20 Octo. 1793.

Parole Sullivan
C S. Liberty

Maj. Kelsey officer of the day
Taylor van & Harrison rearguards.

 p165  Camp 2 miles from Big Spring 25 miles from
last camp 21 Octo. 1793.

Parole Doherty
C. S. Kelly

Maj. McFarland officer of the day.
Cap. King van & Allison & Evans rearguards.

Some sentinels fired on the enemy

Camp 25 miles from big Spring and 4
from Chiestown (?) 22 Oct. 1793.

Parole Blount
C S. Smith

Maj. Taylor off of the day.
Cap Magehee van & Carson & Beard rearguards.

Camp half way between Highwassee and
Tenesee 21 miles from last camp. 23 Oct. 1793.

P. Philadelphia
C S Boltimore

Col. Doherty officer of the day
Capt. Richardson & Gillaspy van & Harrison rearguards.

Camp Henry, Fort 24 October 1793.

The army discharged.

John Chism​29 Esq. told me in presence of Col. Christian that the Indians in Easternoly hung up seven Green scalups the time he was first there August was a year by Gov. Blount to hold a talk (Mr. Ish & Wife present also as well as Col. Christian).

24 October 1793

Returned to Ish's Fort.​30 Gave leave to ensign Hammond & Four privates to return to Washington.

October 25th 1793

Returned to Knoxville.

[The diary is from this time a curious intermixture of incidental data, weather notations, dreams and social happenings. Sevier lived from 1778 to 1794 at Mount Pleasant, on his farm on the Nolichucky River, about ten miles southwest of Jonesboro and about eight miles southeast of Washington College, in Washington County. He was in the heyday of his popularity. What follows gives some indication of a peaceful domestic life.]

Memo of Due bills money &c Taken by Jno. Sevier Junr. with him to the No. Ward the 23 deccem, 1793

James King to Page Sims 55 23
Do. to Genl. Sevier 194 40
Do. Michael Harrison & Co. 328 86
Sundry small due bills on James King 140
David Allison note to Col. Christian 266 80
985 29
In bank bills 320
In cash with Jno. Sevier Junr. 136
Dr. Luclholas (?) act. 438
1879 29
Drafts from Gov. Blount 8000
9879 29

 p166  George North Dr. to Cash lent at Knoxville 20‑10 (2 Crowns 1 dollar 1‑4 of dollar).

Capt. Harrison Cr. By his due bill 328 dolls & 86 Cents.

do do

To Cash 10 dollars. 1 due bill on King 9 dollars.

dol Ct
George North Cr. By due bill on King 8 64

9th Dec. 1793.

Capt. Harrison to one due bill 8 dols. 64 cts.

Staid at Gambles the 12, 13, & 14 of Septr. at Do the 1st 2d 3d of Novr.

Staid at Woods 7th Decr & 5th

The Editor's Notes:

25 "Parole Burke." In military usage there was a countersign and also a parole. D.

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26 "Easternoly" — should be "Oostanaula" — a little stream in McMinn County.

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27 "Par. Boston, C. S. America." These are the parole and countersign of the day. Old army regulations explain how both are selected and how written and folded. There is always supposed to be a relation­ship between parole and countersign. If countersign be "Jackson," parole might be "New Orleans." D.

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28 Of these names of soldiers many are familiar names of Washington County families at date of 1856, such as Doherty, Carson, Kelley, Harrison, Gillespie, Richardson, Blair, Macghie, Taylor, Kennedy, Allison, Kelsy, Mac Farland, Beard, Hammond, Gamble, McKee, Murphey, etc. D.

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29 "Chism" — should be "Chisholm." Chisholm's Fort was on the north side of South Fork of Holston River, a few miles above Kingsport, then called the "Boat Yard." A.

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30 Ish's Fort was across the Tennessee River from Calvert'sº Station, about eight miles west of Knoxville, Ramsey, p581. At this place, on October 25, 1793, Sevier wrote his official report of the campaign.

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