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History of Utah

Histories and Source Documents

At some point I may have a general history of Utah onsite, although for the time being it seems unlikely. At any rate, right now, the following:

[image ALT: A photograph of an intense and austere-looking middle-aged man; he still has his hair, although it is thinning; he wears a jacket with vest and bowtie. He is Mormon pioneer William Hyde, and the image serves as the icon on my site for his 'Private Journal'.]

[ primary source: 2 webpages ]

William Hyde (1818‑1874) was an early convert to Mormonism, Parts 3 and 5 of whose Private Journal record his time in Utah — 1847‑1848 and again in 1855‑1874 — in the early history of which he was a significant participant, as bishop, judge, and general.

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[ primary source: 8 printed pages, presented in 1 webpage ]

In 1867, the settlers in the Territory of Utah petitioned the U. S. Congress for admission to the Union as the State of Deseret: Memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the Proposed State of Deseret (40th Congress, 1st Session, U. S. House Misc. Doc. No. 26). It was a very large chunk of land to be admitted as a single State, and Mormonism didn't help their cause either: the petition failed, and a much smaller Utah would wait another 29 years to become a State.

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The icon I use to indicate this subsite is the flag of the State of Utah; actually, some of the field removed, the better to focus on the central seal, fussy as it is.

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