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History of Wyoming

Histories and Source Documents

There is no comprehensive history of the state onsite yet; for the time being, just this:

[image ALT: A drawing of a group of about 20 low buildings, the tallest having three or maybe four stories, in a flat area at the foot of a range of hills, with a small river flowing in the foreground. In the center, a very tall flagpole can be made out. It is a view of Fort Laramie, Wyoming in the late 19c, and serves as the icon used on this site for my transcription of the National Park Service booklet 'Fort Laramie National Monument, Wyoming'.]

Fort Laramie National Monument, Wyoming, by David L. Hieb, is a National Park Service booklet published in 1954. It is a straightforward account of the history of the fort from fur trader days to national monument, nicely illustrated with 19c photos and drawings as well as mid‑20c; and several very clear maps.

[ 43 printed pages presented in 6 webpages;
23 photographs and 8 other images, 4 maps ]

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In the American History Notes section of the site, for now just a single item dealing with Wyoming to any significant extent:

The Petroglyphs of Dinwoody, Wyoming

[ 2/22/11: 1 article, 10 printed pages, 12 illustrations ]

[image ALT: A rectangle with a thin border; in the center, occupying about a quarter of the space, the silhouette of a bison, facing to the viewer's left, on which is a circular seal. It is the flag of the State of Wyoming.]

The icon I use to indicate this subsite is the flag of the State of Wyoming.

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