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This webpage reproduces a section of
The Navy's Air War

the Aviation History Unit OP‑519B, DCNO (Air)

Harper & Brothers Publishers
New York and London

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 p391  Appendix B


Date Atlantic Pacific Noncombat
17 May 3,000‑plane program authorized.
1 Dec. Hepburn Board report on expansion of shore facilities submitted.
12 Dec. President approves increasing procurement program to 500 planes for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1939.
18 April National Youth Administration funds made available for preliminary aviation training.
27 June Civilian Pilot Training Act approved by the President.
Aug.‑Sept. Work on outlying bases proposed by Hepburn Board commenced.
31 Aug. Germany invades Poland.
Sept. 12 "Neutrality Patrol" PBY's sent to Philippines.
4 Sept. Neutrality patrol ordered.
 p392  6 Sept. Neutrality patrol commenced.
8 Sept. Proclamation of limited national emergency.
16 May President calls for 50,000 military planes per year.
11 June Emergency National Defense Appropriation provides for estimated 2,525 planes for training.
14 June 4,500‑plane program authorized by Congress.
15 June 10,000‑plane program with 16,000 pilots authorized by Congress.
1 July 1,700 (approximately) planes on hand.
19 July 15,000 plane program authorized by Congress.
Sept. Destroyers-for‑bases deal with Britain expanded responsibilities of naval aviation. Airplane production placed under Joint Army-Navy-British Purchasing Commission.
9 Sept. Supplemental appropriation provides for estimated 4,028 planes, plant expansion, and maintenance.
 p393  Oct. 12 additional PBY's arrived in Philippines for Neutrality Patrol.
1 Nov. Patrol Force, U. S. Fleet, established. Naval Air Station, Alameda, California, commissioned.
15 Nov. Air operations commenced from Bermuda.
30 Dec. First aviation students report to Jacksonville for flight training.
31 Dec. 2,199 (approximately) planes on hand.
6 Jan. Greenslade report on expansion of shore facilities submitted.
1 Feb. U. S. Atlantic Fleet, established.
1 March Support Force, U. S. Atlantic Fleet, created "for distant service in high latitudes."
20 March Flight training commenced at Corpus Christi, Texas.
April British Far Eastern Fleet to be reinforced instead of United States Asiatic Fleet.
22 April Joint Aircraft Committee established.
 p394  5 May Aircraft Scheduling Unit established.
18 May Air operations commenced from Argentia, Newfoundland.
30 June 3,600 (approximately) planes on hand.
July Seaplane patrols established off Palawan and southern Mindanao. PatWing 1 commenced transfer from west coast to Hawaii.
1 July Patrol Wing, Support Force, becomes Patrol Wing 7.
3 July Appropriation bill to provide for 2,236 additional planes.
8 July Patrol Wing 8 commissioned.
12 July Operations commenced at Quonset Point, Rhode Island.
6 Aug. Operations from Iceland commenced.
17 Aug. Supplemental appropriation to provide for 21 nonrigid airships.
Oct. Patrols established off west coast of Luzon. Reconnaissance of Japanese fortified islands in the Southern China Sea.
 p395  1 Oct. Aviation Supply Office established at Philadelphia.
1 Nov. Coast Guard placed under operational control of Navy.
1 Dec. Patrol Wing 9 in process of formation.
1‑7 Dec. Reconnaissance of Japanese ship movements off Hainan and Indo-China.
5‑7 Dec. Japanese aircraft encountered by Luzon patrol.
7 Dec. Attack on Pearl Harbor.
9 Dec. Japanese land in Gilbert Islands.
10 Dec. Patrol Squadron 52 commenced operations from Natal, Brasil.
11 Dec. Declaration of war against Germany and Italy. Japanese land on Guam.
15 Dec. Patrol Wing 8 transferred to NAS Alameda from east coast.
17 Dec. Supplemental appropriation to provide for 3,000 planes.
22 Dec. Japanese land on Wake Island.
25 Dec. Last PBY with passengers leaves Manila.
28 Dec. Patrol Wing 10 PBY's from Ambon, N. E. I., attack Jap transports at Jolo, Philippines.
 p396  1942
1 Jan. 5,252 planes on hand; 5,881 planes on order; funds available for 5,587 additional.
3 Jan. 30,000 pilot program adopted.
6 Jan. President's message to Congress announcing 185,000‑military plane program for 1942 and 1943.
12 Jan. First ship sunk by enemy submarine off U. S. Atlantic coast.
14 Jan. Navy's 27,500‑plane program approved by President.
23 Jan. Japanese land at Rabaul
30 Jan. Battle of Makassar Strait, off Balikpapan, Borneo.
1 Feb. Carrier raid on Marshall-Gilbert Islands.
13 Feb. Fall of Singapore.
24 Feb. Carrier raid on Wake Island.
27 Feb. Langley lost near Java.
27‑28 Feb. Battle of the Java Sea.
March Operations commenced at first lighter-than‑air stations.
4 March Carrier raid on Marcus Island.
8 March Japs seized Lae and Salamaua in New Guinea.
 p397  10 March U. S. carrier raid on Lae and Salamaua.
29 March Rescue of Army-Navy key personnel and army nurses from Corregidor by PBY's of PatWing 10 based in Australia.
April Carriers Wasp and Ranger ferry planes to the British at Malta and to Africa for the use of the Army Air Forces.
18 April Doolittle B‑25 raid on Tokyo.
30 April Operational Training Command established.
May Carriers Wasp and Ranger ferry planes to the British at Malta and to Africa for the use of the Army Air Forces. First pre‑flight schools opened.
4‑8 May Battle of the Coral Sea. Loss of the Lexington.
6 May Fall of Corregidor.
11 May Directive issued to provide additional shore facilities for 27,500‑plane program.
20 May RADm. J. S. McCain made Commander Aircraft, South Pacific.
 p398  22 May North Pacific forces reinforced by Task Force 8 from the central Pacific, and by Patrol Wing 4 from Seattle.
3‑4 June Dutch Harbor attacked by Jap carrier force.
3‑6 June Battle of Midway. TBF (Avenger) used for first time in combat. Loss of the Yorktown.
10 June Patrol Wing 4 pilots discover that Japs have occupied Kiska and Attu.
19 June VADm. R. L. Ghormley made commander of all United Nations forces in the South Pacific.
1 July War Training Service replaces Civilian Pilot Training Program. 7,035 useful planes reported on hand.
4 July Japanese land on Guadalcanal.
7‑9 Aug. Marine landings on Guadalcanal-Tulagi.
7 Aug. First bombardment of Kiska by surface forces.
 p399  9 Aug. Battle of Savo Island.
15 Aug. Patrol Wing 11 established for operations under the Caribbean Sea Frontier.
23‑25 Aug. Battle of the Eastern Solomons.
30 Aug. Adak occupied by U. S. forces without enemy opposition.
1 Sept. Air Force, U. S. Pacific Fleet established.
3 Sept. Gen. R. S. Geiger arrived at Henderson Field and took command of all land-based air at Guadalcanal.
15 Sept. Wasp sunk in the Solomons area. Patrol Wing 1 transferred to South Pacific area.
16 Sept. Patrol Wing 12 established for operations under the Gulf Sea Frontier.
1 Oct. Training commands established — Technical Training Command, Primary Training Command, Intermediate Training Command.
 p400  6 Oct. Carrier raid on Buin-Faisi-Tonelei, southern end of Bougainville Island, Solomons.
11‑12 Oct. Battle of Cape Esperance, Solomons.
16 Oct. Guadalcanal support raid, Solomons.
26 Oct. Battle of Santa Cruz Island. Loss of the Hornet, Solomons. Supplemental appropriation provided for 14,611 planes and 72 nonrigid airships.
1 Nov. Patrol wings redesignated fleet air wings. Patrol wings redesignated fleet air wings.
2 Nov. Fleet Air Wing 6 established at Seattle.
8 Nov. Carrier-based aviation supported Allied landings in North Africa.
13 Nov. Patrol Squadrons 72 and 93 commenced operations from French Morocco.
13‑15 Nov. Battle of Guadalcanal. Admirals Scott and Callaghan killed.
30 Nov. Battle of Tassafaronga, Solomons.
1 Dec. Fleet Air Wing 15 created for operations under the Moroccan Sea Frontier.
 p401  9 Dec. Aircraft Production Board established.
26 Dec. McQuiston Board established to review progress on construction of aviation shore facilities and to recommend changes and additions.
1 Jan. Air Force, U. S. Atlantic Fleet, established to provide administrative, material, and logistic services to all Atlantic Fleet air activities.
4‑5 Jan. Bombardment of Munda, Solomons.
7 Jan. Flight preparatory program initiated.
12 Jan. Amchitka, Aleutians occupied by U. S. forces without Jap opposition.
18 Jan. Bomb of Vila-Stanmore, Kolombangara, Solomons.
24 Jan. Saratoga attacks Vila-Stanmore.
 p402  29‑30 Jan. Battle of Rennell Island, Solomons.
9 Feb. End of organized resistance on Guadalcanal.
13 Feb. F4U (Corsair) taken into combat for the first time by VMF 124 in Solomons.
16 Feb. Fleet Air Wing 16 formed for operations under the Fourth Fleet in the South Atlantic.
18 Feb. First bombardment of Attu, Aleutians, by surface forces.
19 Feb. Aircraft Resources Control Office established.
21 Feb. U. S. occupation of Russell Islands, Solomons.
March‑May Turning point in the anti-submarine war.
5 March USS Bogue commenced first escort carrier anti-submarine operations.
20 March First aerial mine laying mission accomplished in the Department of the Pacific by a marine bombing squadron.
 p403  26 March Battle of Komandorski Islands, North Pacific.
1 April Anti-submarine Development Detachment commissioned under Air Force, Atlantic Fleet, to coordinate research with the training of anti-submarine units.
11 May U. S. forces land on Attu, Aleutians.
1 June Occupation of Attu complete.
15 June 31,447‑plane program approved by President.
26 June Appropriation provides for estimated procurement of 29,142 planes.
30 June Landings on New Georgia, Solomons.
1 July 16,594 useful planes on hand.
5‑6 July Battle of Kula Gulf, Solomons.
10 July to
17 Aug.
Allied invasion of Sicily.
12‑13 July Second Battle of Kula Gulf.
23 July Patrol Squadron 63 arrived in United Kingdom for operations in the Bay of Biscay.
 p404  5 Aug. Munda airfield falls to Allied troops.
6 Aug. Battle of Vella Gulf, Solomons.
15 Aug. U. S. forces land on Kiska.
15 Aug. Invasion of Vella LaVella in the New Georgia group, Solomons.
18 Aug. Office of Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air) established.
31 Aug. Carrier raid on Marcus Island, F6F (Hellcat) used in operations for first time.
1 Sept. Occupation of Baker Island, central Pacific.
9 Sept. Allied landings at Salerno, Italy.
15 Sept. Fleet Air Wing 17 established at Brisbane, Australia.
18 Sept. Carrier raid on the Gilbert Islands.
22 Sept. Landing at Finschafen, New Guinea.
23 Sept. Fleet Air Wing 7 transferred operations from Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, and Labrador to the United Kingdom.
 p405  4 Oct. USS Ranger conducted anti-shipping operations off the coast of Norway.
5‑6 Oct. Carrier raid on Wake Island.
7 Oct. Battle of Vella LaVella, Solomons.
12 Oct. Britain obtains permission from Portugal for Allied use of bases in the Azores.
27 Oct. Occupation of Treasury Island, Solomons.
1 Nov. Landing on Bougainville, Solomons, Battle of Empress Augusta Bay.
1‑2 Nov. Carrier raid on Buka-Bonis, Solomons.
5‑11 Nov. Carrier raids on Rabaul, New Britain, SB2C (Helldiver) first used in combat.
13 Nov. to
8 Dec.
Air strikes on the Gilbert Islands. Loss of the Liscombe Bay.
19 Nov. First Nauru strike.
20 Nov. Landings on Tarawa, Makin, Apamama, Gilbert Islands.
 p406  25 Nov. Battle of Cape Saint George.
4 Dec. Wotje-Kwajalein, Marshalls strike.
8 Dec. Second Nauru strike.
17 Dec. First fighter sweep over Rabaul, staged from Torokina, Solomons.
20 Dec. First night photo-reconnaissance and bombing mission over Kurile Islands inaugurates a program continued to the end of the war. Naval Air Training Command established.
25 Dec. Carrier raid on Kavieng, New Ireland.
26 Dec. Landing on Cape Gloucester, New Britain and Long Island.
1 Jan. 25,588 useful planes on hand.
1‑4 Jan. Carrier raids on Kavieng.
2 Jan. Landing at Saidor, New Guinea.
21 Jan. U. S. Navy Catalinas with special gear close Straits of Gibraltar to enemy U‑boats during daylight hours.
 p407  22 Jan. Allied landings at Anzio, Italy.
31 Jan. Landings on Kwajalein Atoll, Marshalls.
2 Feb. 37,735‑plane program approved by President.
15 Feb. Landings on Green Island brought to a close the Solomons campaign.
16‑17 Feb. Carrier raid on Truk, Carolines.
17 Feb. Landing on Eniwetok, Marshalls.
20 Feb. Carrier raid on Jaluit, Marshalls.
21‑22 Feb. Carrier raid on Saipan, Tinian, Rota, and Guam, Marianas.
15 March Landings on Manus, Admiralty Islands.
18 March Carrier raid on Mille, Marshalls.
25 March Fairwing 17 headquarters transferred to Manus.
30 March to
1 April
Carrier raid on Palau, Woleai, Ulithi, and Yap, Carolines.
31 March 2,831 planes accepted during March represent peak of production.
April Navy commences development of 11 air bases transferred from Army.
 p408  12 April Radford Board established to study and submit a report on an integrated aeronautic maintenance, material, and supply program.
19 April Carrier strike on Sabang, Sumatra.
22 April Landings at Hollandia, New Guinea.
29‑30 April Second carrier raid on Truk, Carolines.
30 April Bombardment of Satawan, Carolines.
1 May Bombardment of Ponape, Carolines.
4 May Radford Board submits first report, calling for wide changes in procurement, maintenance, and supply procedures. The program, known as the Integrated Aeronautics Program, was applied piecemeal as rapidly as the various parts were worked out.
17 May Carrier strike on Soerabaja, Java. Landings at Wakde, New Guinea.
 p409  19‑23 May Marcus and Wake Islands carrier raids.
29 May Block Island, only carrier lost in Atlantic, sunk by enemy action.
30 May to
1 June
1st units of Blimp Squadron complete flight from Argentia, Newfoundland to Port Lyautey, French Morocco.
4 June German U‑boat captured by hunter-killer group in first U. S. Navy boarding operation since War of 1812. Cutback in pilot training program.
6 June Allied landings in Normandy. Blimps equipped with special gear close Straits of Gibraltar to enemy submarines during night hours.
15 June Landings on Saipan, Marianas.
15 June Operational control of aircraft in Solomons transferred to Southwest Pacific Command.
15‑16 June Carrier raids on Bonin and Volcano Islands.
19‑20 June Battle of the Philippine Sea.
1 July 35,086 useful planes on hand.
 p410  3‑4 July Carrier raids on Bonin and Volcano islands.
21 July Landing on Guam, Marianas.
24 July Landing on Tinian, Marianas.
25‑28 July Carrier raids on Palau, Yap, Ulithi, Fais, Ngulu, Soror and Carolines.
4‑5 Aug. Carrier raids on Bonin and Volcano Islands.
15 Aug. American and British carriers support landings in Southern France.
31 Aug. Carrier raids on Bonin and Volcano Islands.
2 Sept. Carrier raids on Bonin and Volcano Islands.
3 Sept. Carrier raids on Wake.
6‑12 Sept. Carrier raids on the Palaus.
9 Sept. Second Radford Board established to review Integrated Aeronautics Program and to suggest further changes.
11 Sept. Fleet Air Wing 1 transferred to Marianas.
12‑14 Sept. Carrier raids on the central Philippines.
 p411  15 Sept. Landing on Palau. Landing on Morotai.
17 Sept. Blimp of Squadron 14 transferred to Cuers, France, for mine spotting beginning a long series of operations to clear Mediterranean harbors of mines.
21 Sept. Landing on Ulithi.
21‑22 Sept. Carrier raid on Luzon.
24 Sept. Carrier raid on the central Philippines.
2 Oct. Second Radford Board report.
8 Oct. Bombardment of Marcus Island.
10 Oct. First carrier raid on the Ryukyus.
12‑16 Oct. Carrier raid on Formosa.
19 Oct. Carrier raid on Luzon.
17‑23 Oct. Carrier raid on the Philippines.
23‑26 Oct. Battle for Leyte Gulf. Loss of Princeton, St. Lô, Gambier Bay.
28 Oct. Working Committee for Maintenance, Matériel, and Supply — included representatives of field commands to supervise the working of the Integrated Aeronautics Program.
 p412  29 Oct. Carrier raid on Luzon and the Central Philippines.
5 Dec. Carrier raid on Luzon and Manila.
6 Dec. Carrier raid on Luzon and Manila.
13 Dec. Carrier raid on Luzon and Manila.
14‑16 Dec. Carrier raid on Luzon and Manila.
15 Dec. Landing on Mindoro, Philippines.
19 Dec. Carrier raid on Luzon and Manila.
22 Dec. Congress revokes $2,000,000,000 of BuAer's contract authority.
25 Dec. Carrier raid on Luzon and Manila.
1 Jan. 36,860 (approx.) useful planes on hand.
3‑4 Jan. Carrier raid on Formosa and the Ryukyus.
4 Jan. Loss of the Ommaney Bay.
6‑7 Jan. Carrier raid on Luzon.
9 Jan. Landings at Lingayen Gulf, Luzon. Carrier raid on Formosa.
12 Jan. Carrier raid on Saigon and Camranh Bay, French Indo-China.
15 Jan. Carrier raid on Formosa.
 p413  16 Jan. Carrier raid on Hongkong, Amoy, Swatow, and Hainan, China.
21‑22 Jan. Carrier raid on the Ryukyus.
15‑16 Feb. Mariveles-Corregidor landings.
16‑17 Feb. Carrier raid on Tokyo.
19 Feb. Landings on Iwo Jima. Loss of the Bismarck Sea.
25 Feb. Carrier raid on Tokyo.
28 Feb. Landings on Palawan, Philippines.
1 March Nansei Shoto, Ryukyus photo mission.
10 March Landings on Mindanao, Philippines.
18 March Landings on Panay, Philippines.
18‑19 March Carrier raid on Kyushu, southern Honshu, and the Inland Sea.
26 March Landings on Cebu, Philippines. Landings in the Kerama Retto, Ryukyus. Fleet Air Wing 1 headquarters established in the Ryukyus.
28‑29 March Second carrier raid on Kyushu, and northern Nansei Shoto, Ryukyus.
29 March Landings at Negros, Philippines.
 p414  1 April Landing on Okinawa, Ryukyus.
7 April Battle of the East China Sea.
27 April to
3 May
Sadau-Tarakan, Borneo operations.
4 May Fleet Air Wing 18 established at Guam to take over Marianas operations of Fleet Air Wing 1.
9 May Hostilities ceased in the Atlantic theater. First German U‑boat surrendered to a plane of Fleet Air Wing 7.
13‑14 May Third carrier raid on Kyushu.
28 May Okinawa strike.
2 June Okinawa strike.
2‑3 June Carrier strikes anything southern Kyushu.
3 June Carrier strikes against Amami-Kikai, Ryukyus.
8 June Carrier strikes against Kanoya, Japan.
7‑17 June Assault on Brunei Bay, Borneo.
20 June Carrier strike against Wake Island.
30 June to
3 July
Landings at Balikpapan, Borneo.
10 July Carrier strike against Tokyo area.
 p415  14 July Carrier strike against northern Honshu area.
17‑18 July Carrier strikes against the Tokyo area.
24 July Strikes against Pagan and Rota, Marianas. Carrier strikes against northern Kyushu.
25 July Carrier strikes against northern Kyushu.
26 July Strikes against Pagan and Rota.
28 July Carrier strikes against northern Kyushu.
30 July Carrier strikes against the Tokyo area.
31 July 40,893 useful planes on hand.
1‑7 Aug. Anti-shipping sweeps in the East China Sea.
9‑10 Aug. Carrier strikes against northern Honshu area.
13 Aug. Carrier strikes against the Tokyo area.
15 Aug. Cessation of hostilities with Japan. V‑J Day. Directives issued for reduction of shore stations and curtailment of production.

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