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This webpage reproduces part of
The Atlantic System

Forrest Davis

Reynal & Hitchcock
New York

The text is in the public domain.

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 p343  Sources and Bibliography

The author's debt to Admiral Mahan's published works needs little elaboration. That debt is acknowledged tacit­ly on each page of this book. Without the great power theorist's rationalization of Anglo-American sea‑power solidarity, there would conceivably have been an Atlantic System — but the job of recognizing, depicting, and summarizing that system would be inconceivably more difficult. Of major assistance also were the excellent biographies of Mahan by Captain Puleston and Mr. Taylor and the searching, recently published studies of American sea power by George T. Davis and the Sprouts, Harold and Margaret. To Henry Adams the author manifestly owes the title as well as a running commentary on the creative period in American foreign policy. To A. Whitney Griswold he is indebted for an exhaustive account of America's part in Far Eastern affairs, and to Orestes Ferrara for the only comprehensive version of European diplomacy during the Spanish-American War.

Otherwise, government documents such as the State Department's Foreign Relations (issued down to 1922), Navy Department reports, and the Congressional Record furnished much of the bony structure. Also yielding rich structural material were the British parliamentary reports and Die Grosse Politik der Europäischen Kabinette, the German Foreign Office archives opened after Versailles. The contemporary press, daily and periodical, in England, Germany, and the United States was levied upon extensively for interpretation of deeds and popular moods. So was the large literature in diplomatic and naval histories, memoirs, letters, and biographies touching upon the affairs of the Powers during the last half-century and easily available to the student. A partial list of sources follows:

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