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Washington and His Colleagues
Henry Jones Ford

An Imitation Court


Great Decisions


The Master Builder


Alarums and Excursions


Tribute to the Algerines


French Designs on America


A Settlement with England


Party Violence


The Personal Rule of John Adams

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Technical Details

Edition Used

The edition transcribed here is the "Textbook Edition" in the Chronicles of America Series, Yale University Press. It was copyright 1918 and is thus now in the public domain: details here on the copyright law involved.


Having found this little book at my local public library and having decided to put it online, I discovered that the text was already online at Project Gutenberg; thus for once, I did not actually retype the text, but lifted it from there, saving myself about 40% of the labor.

I then subjected the Gutenberg transcription to a minute proofreading (in the course of which I did catch a very few typographical oversights, and restored various diacriticals such as the diereses in reëlection and coöperation, the accent in chargé d'affaires, etc.), my usual formatting, and a modicum of annotation and links. In the table of contents above, the sections are shown on blue backgrounds, indicating that I believe the text of them to be completely errorfree. As elsewhere onsite, the header bar at the top of each chapter's webpage will remind you with the same color scheme.

The edition I followed seems to have been perfectly proofread, with as far as I could tell not a single typographical error.

Two errors not marked "[sic]" by the author are probably in the sources themselves; I've marked them º.

Any over­looked mistakes, please drop me a line, of course: especially if you have a copy of the printed book in front of you.

Pagination and Local Links

For citation and indexing purposes, the pagination is shown in the right margin of the text at the page turns (like at the end of this line); p57  these are also local anchors. Sticklers for total accuracy will of course find the anchor at its exact place in the sourcecode.

In addition, I've inserted a number of other local anchors: whatever links might be required to accommodate the author's own cross-references, as well as a few others for my own purposes. If in turn you have a website and would like to target a link to some specific passage of the text, please let me know: I'll be glad to insert a local anchor there as well.

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The icon I use to indicate this subsite is a montage of several contemporary portraits of some of the book's principals: Washington in the center, and clockwise from the upper left, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton.

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