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Snapshots of London

A town of England, the capital of Great Britain: 51°30.4N, 0°7.7W. Altitude: 2 m. 2005 population: 7,500,000.

[image ALT: A long street of almost exact identical attached houses: ground floor, two upper stories, low mansard roofs. It is a street in London.]
A typical street in Pimlico, a neighborhood S of Victoria Station.

Despite several stays, I don't know London well; they were all too brief. Still, this site has a few things to share.

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[ 5/20/01: 1 page, 2 photos, 3 links ]

A quick look at the Seven Dials column on Monmouth Street.

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[ 5/20/01: 1 page, 1 photo, link to the official site ]

A placeholder page on the Tower.

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[ 5/20/01: 11 pages, 9 photos ]

My most recent time in London, in 1995, was the only one which netted photographs and a trip diary. For the time being, pending lots of work putting together formal pages on the sights of that trip, my diary account, although a bit somber in spots, is the best I can offer the reader. If you're planning a trip there yourself, it's not a bad source of information, actually.

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