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Richard John King:
Handbook to the Cathedrals of England

You have reached a section of my site under construction.

As almost always, I retyped the text rather than scanning it: not only to minimize errors prior to proofreading, but as an opportunity for me to become intimately familiar with the work, an exercise which I heartily recommend. (Well-meaning attempts to get me to scan text, if success­ful, would merely turn me into some kind of machine: gambit declined.)

I ran a first proofreading pass immediately after entering each chapter, so that the text of all the chapters is quite good already. I've now started final proofreading: in the table of contents below, chapters whose text I believe to be completely errorfree are shown on blue backgrounds.

I haven't decided yet how much of the work I'll be putting online. There are at least 7 volumes totalling something like 2200 pages.

Edition Used

I am keying the text by hand from the original edition, John Murray, Albemarle Street, London, 1862.

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