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Bill Thayer

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Snapshots of London — for now obviously rather few; further linked, however, to my diary of a Christmas holiday, containing a fair amount of information, if discursively presented, that might be useful to anyone planning a similar trip.

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Among those churches, Lincoln Cathedral is a special case: in addition to King's Handbook, Albert Kendrick's The Cathedral Church of Lincoln and The Griffins' Photographic Tour, due to the kindness of Libbie Griffin who shared her wonderful photos with us thru me, make this site a very good resource — all the more surprising that I've never seen the actual church!

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England would not be what she is without Oxford; A Handy Guide to Oxford is an excellent little book written by one of its better known professors, who spent almost his entire life there: history and architecture, to be sure, but also traditions, rowing, and songs about ducks. A snapshot taken in 1926; today's Oxford is not that different.

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You will get a lot of people very upset in Wales and Scotland by telling them you think "Great Britain" and "England" are synonymous. If you're interested in the Romans though, I'll let you off the hook: a Britannia (Roman Britain) orientation page on this site leads to Ptolemy's map of the island; Thomas Codrington's 386‑page Roman Roads in Britain; John Ward's 280‑page The Roman Era in Britain and his 312‑page Romano-British Buildings and Earthworks; George Witts' Archaeological Handbook of Gloucestershire. Most of all that is in fact in England after all.

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