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Formia (Latina province)

A town of southern Lazio: 41°15N, 13°26E. Altitude: 19 m. Population in 2003: 35,500.

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The bay of Formia from the SW.

Formia is a town on the coast of southern Lazio on the Via Appia, between Rome (about 140 km NW) and Naples (about 75 km SE). For a more formal historical view of the city, see the Encyclopedia Britannica article.

I have never been to Formia, but a proper website will eventually appear here, a collaborative venture with Carole Roach who took all the photos. For the moment, very typically, I've sidled in with a little Roman inscription; for more general information (!) on the town, see the sites in the navigation bar at the bottom of this page.

[image ALT: A piece of a Roman inscription in Formia (Lazio, central Italy).]

Sometime in the 1st or 2d century A.D., Titus Flavius Lysiponus did something that the town council liked a lot. What it was, we will probably never know: but we have the inscription they gratefully set up in his honor.

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