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Gaeta (Latina province)

A town of southern Lazio: 41°12N, 13°24E. Altitude: 2 m. Population in 2003: 20,900.

[image ALT: A squarish medieval fortress on a promontory high over­looking the sea, with mountains across the water at the horizon. It is a view of the Angevin castle of Gaeta in the Lazio (central Italy).]

The Angevin castle of Gaeta, for many years a very famous military prison.

Gaeta is a town on the coast of southern Lazio just off the Via Appia, between Rome (115 km NW) and Naples (65 km SE).

I have never been to Gaeta, but a proper website will eventually appear here, a collaborative venture with Carole Roach who took all the photos. For the moment, see the sites below for fuller information on the town.

[image ALT: A squat windowless cylindrical building, some 10 meters tall but maybe 20 meters in diameter. It is the Mausoleum of Plancus in Gaeta, Italy.]

Among its many Roman ruins, Gaeta boasts 2 large mausoleums. One, the Mausoleum of L. Sempronius Atratinus, was despoiled of its marble facing in the Middle Ages and there's consequently not that much left; the other somehow escaped that fate. The Mausoleum of Plancus is the best-preserved Roman tomb in Italy, and was the final resting place of a man who left his (ambiguous) mark on ancient history.

[image ALT: A harbor scene: to the right, the sea and fishing boats; to the left a small town, with a large Gothic church dominating it from a low hill. It is a view of Gaeta, Italy.]

[ 3/26/02: 1 page, 10 churches, 9 photos ]

The Churches of Gaeta are an interesting group; material slowly coming online.

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