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Sperlonga (Latina province)

A town of southern Lazio: 41°16N, 13°26E. Altitude: 19 m. Population in 2003: 3100.

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A typical street in the old quarter of Sperlonga.

Sperlonga is a beautiful small town on the coast of the Mediterranean, 18 km ESE along the coast from Terracina; 15 km more and you will be in Gaeta. The place is more famous than one might expect: the emperor Tiberius liked it, and remains of a villa of his can still be seen; he also was an avid swimmer, and Tiberius' Grotto here, cousin to the one in Capri, is almost as striking.

I have never been to Sperlonga, but a proper website will eventually appear here, a collaborative venture with Carole Roach who took all the photos. For the moment, see the sites below for fuller information on the town.

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