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Terracina (Latina province)

A town of southern Lazio: 41°17N, 13°15E. Altitude: 16 m. Population in 2003: 36,700.

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A Chirico-like view of the main square of Terracina and its 12c cathedral.

Terracina is a beach and resort town on the coast of the Mediterranean, 17 km NE along the coast from S. Felice Circeo and 18 km WNW of Sperlonga. It is famous for two very different works of ancient Roman engineering involving the same towering crag of rock where the Monti Ausoni meet the sea: the first, a massive Republican-era temple to Jupiter Anxur on an artificial platform atop the hill; the other, the famous "Terracina cut", by which Trajan shortened the route of the Via Appia by a whole day — even if a hundred and twenty vertical feet of rock had to be cut thru in an age before dynamite and bulldozers.

The article Terracina in the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica (written by Thomas Ashby) gives good summary information and a map.

I have never been to Terracina, but a proper website will eventually appear here, a collaborative venture with Carole Roach who took all the photos. For the moment, see the sites below for fuller information on the town.

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