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Antrodoco (Rieti province)

A town of northeastern Lazio: 42°25N, 13°05E. Altitude: 510 m. Population in 2003: 350.

[image ALT: A small stone church, in a flat clearing in the countryside against a gentle hill in the background. Its main feature is a square 6‑story belfry of mixed stone and brick: its third story has a single blocked‑up arched opening on each side, its fourth story has a pair of lancet windows, its fifth little groups of three thin lancet windows, and its top story large rectangular openings. Next to the belfry a poplar about one story taller still. It is the church of S. Maria extra Moenia in Antrodoco, Lazio (central Italy).]

About 500 m south of town, the church of S. Maria extra Moenia (5c‑12c).

Antrodoco is a small town ensconced in the gorges of the Velino river, on the main road from L'Aquila in the Abruzzo, 35 km E, to Rieti, 24 km W: this latter section of road is in fact part of the ancient Roman Via Salaria, possibly the oldest major road in Italy; and in fact the town was much more important in Roman times (as Interocrium), than it is now. One of the town's mediaeval gates boasts an inscription of Trajan's relating to that road, and significant remains of a Roman nymphaeum can be seen in the comune of Borgo Velino just 3 km downstream.

A small website will eventually appear here, since I have been to Antrodoco, if briefly. In the meanwhile, you may find it useful to read the Aug. 26/27, 2000 entries of my diary, which include 2 more photos of S. Maria extra Moenia; for more complete and detailed information, you should see the websites below, of course.

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