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S. Francesco di Leonessa

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The S flank of the church on the Piazza S. Croce.
Though pleasant, the building couldn't look more average; the good stuff is inside.

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The interior of S. Francesco is a well-proportioned space with all the usual paintings and bits of fresco. It also houses a particularly beautiful Presepe (Nativity scene) and a remarkable carved red stone door from a much more ancient church, now otherwise vanished. Let's see what I can show you before I get tired of scanning it all!

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[ 1 page, 11 photos ]

The cloister is what a cloister should be: serene and beautiful. Most of those photos are carved capitals; I found them interesting.

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The most atmospheric part of the church, loosely called a crypt, originally seems to have been a different church altogether. This lower church has been undergoing a process of discovery and careful restoration over the last few years. Some of the frescoes are exceptionally good.

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