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Churches of Leonessa

[image ALT: An elaborate marble shrine, roughly cubical, about 3 meters on a side, in which a glass window flanked by two near-lifesize statues displays an open satin-lined coffin. It is the tomb of S. Giuseppe of Leonessa in the church by that name in Leonessa, a town in the Lazio (central Italy).]
S. Giuseppe di Leonessa

4 pages, 9 photos
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S. Francesco

10 pages, 43 photos

[image ALT: A corbel in the shape of a cow's head, jutting out from the façade of a stone church. It is the church of S. Pietro, in Leonessa (Lazio).]
S. Pietro

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S. Carlo Borromeo

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S. Maria della Visitazione

2 pages, 12 photos

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S. Maria del Popolo

[image ALT: missingALT]
S. Matteo
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S. Michele

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S. Nicola di Bari

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S. Salvatore

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Convento dei Cappuccini

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