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Rieti (Rieti province)

A town of northeastern Lazio: 42°24N, 12°52.1E. Altitude: 510 m. Population in 2003: 44,500.

[image ALT: A small river flowing fairly rapidly toward the viewer, curving from the right background; behind it, a large church complex: a tall square brick belfry and three much smaller towers jut out of the mass of buildings. It is a view of Rieti, in the Lazio (central Italy).]

View roughly NE from the Roman bridge: the church of S. Francesco.

Rieti is a large agricultural center and provincial capital on the Velino river in the northeastern corner of Lazio, 76 km NE of Rome, 36 km SE of Terni (Umbria) and 58 km W of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo.

A small website will eventually appear here, since I have been to Rieti, if briefly and in bad weather. In the meanwhile, you may find it useful to read the Nov. 6, 1994 entry of my diary; for a more formal look at the history of the town, see the article Rieti from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, which includes a photo of the Roman bridge and further links. A very brief text by Guardabassi on the formerly independent comune of S. Elia Reatino, now a part of the comune of Rieti, is also onsite.

For more complete and detailed information on the province as a whole, however, you should see the websites in the navigation bar below.

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