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Rieti Province

A province of the Lazio region. Area: 2749 sq. km. Population in 2003: 148,600 • 73 comuni

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The village of Castel Sant' Angelo hanging on to its hill overlooking the Velino river.

Rieti is the easternmost and most mountainous of the 5 provinces in the autonomous region of Lazio, sharing in many of the characteristics of the Abruzzo on which it borders.

[image ALT: A view of S. Francesco and the Velino River, in Rieti (Lazio, central Italy).]

The provincial capital of Rieti is an austere sort of place surrounded by mountains. It has a number of interesting medieval churches, and a Roman bridge — underwater.

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[image ALT: The upper part of a stone belfry pierced with two arches. It is a scene typical of Antrodoco (Lazio, central Italy).]

Not much more than a village, Antrodoco is a handsome place with good clean air in the mountain gorges of the Velino river. One very beautiful church, characteristic streets, and yes, one of the medieval gates has an inscription of the emperor Trajan.

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[image ALT: A large open public square, about 3 city blocks in size, fronted on by rows of two‑story houses and in the background a medieval church; behind the square, a tall hill with a castle, and further behind that, snow-capped mountains. It is the main square of Leonessa, a town of the northeastern Lazio (central Italy).]

Leonessa, known chiefly as a resort town (both for winter skiing and for summer hiking) in a small plain at the foot of some of the highest mountains in the central Apennines, is also a Città d'Arte with at least eleven old churches, an Angevin tower, a medieval gate, and attractive streets. My site focuses mostly on the churches.

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[image ALT: A small town dribbling down one side of a wooded hill from the summit, where a square tower juts out of the houses. It is a distant view of Labro, a town of the northeastern Lazio (central Italy).

I have not been to Labro; only been driven past it over a decade ago, an unforgettable experience. I may get there yet.

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Oddly, since this is the kind of landscape I'm particularly fond of, I do not know this part of Italy very well; you will therefore find yourself using mostly offsite resources.

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