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An article from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, now in the public domain.
Any color photos are mine, © William P. Thayer.

Vol. II

Antemnae (Lat. ante amnem, sc. Anienem; Varro, Ling. Lat. V.28), an ancient village of Latium, situated on the W. of the Via Salaria, 2 m. N. of Rome, where the Anio falls into the Tiber. It is said to have been conquered by Romulus after the rape of Sabine women, and to have assisted the Tarquins. Certainly it soon lost its independence, and in Strabo's time was a mere village.​a The site is one of great strength, and is now occupied by a fort, in the construction of which traces of the outer walls and of huts, and several wells and a cistern, all belonging to the primitive village, were discovered, and also the remains of a villa of the end of the Republic.

See T. Ashby in Papers of the British School at Rome, III.14.

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a Geography, V.3.2.

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