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 p288  Aedes Junonis Lucinae

Article on pp288‑289 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Iuno Lucina (θησαυρός, Dionys.), AEDES: a temple built in 375 B.C. (Plin. NH XVI.235) in a grove (lucus) that had been consecrated to the goddess from very early times (Varro, LL V.49, 74, who assigns the introduction of the cult to Titus Tatius; Dionys. IV.15). It was on the Cispius, near the sixth shrine of the Argei (Varro, LL V.50; Ov. Fast. II.435‑436; III.245‑246), probably not far west of S. Prassede and  p289 just north-west of the Torre Cantarelli, in which neighbourhood inscriptions relating to the cult have been found (CIL VI.356‑361, 3694‑3695, 30199; BC 1888, 394; 1889, 40; Mitt. 1889, 281). The grove probably extended down the slope southwards from the temple (BC 1905, 204‑209), and in 41 B.C. a quaestor, Q. Pedius, either built or restored a wall (CIL VI.358: locavit . . . murum Iunoni Lucinae . . . eidemque probavit), which seems to have surrounded both. Servius Tullius is said to have ordered the gifts for new-born children to be placed in the treasury of this temple (Dionys. IV.15: ἐς τὸν τῆς Εἰλειθυίας θησαυρὸν ἣν Ῥωμαῖοι καλοῦσιν Ἥραν Φωσφόρον), so that there may have been a shrine of some sort before that built in 375. In 190 B.C. the temple was struck by lightning, and its gable and doors injured (Liv. XXXVII.3.2). The annual festival of the Matronalia was celebrated here on 1st March (Fest. 147; Ov. Fast. III.247; Hemer. Praenest. ad Kal. Mart., CIL I2 p310), the day of dedication of the temple. It continued to exist during the empire, as is shown by inscriptions (HJ 333‑334; Gilb. I.174, 228; III.357; Rosch. II.602; WR 183; DE II.2161‑2162; RE X.1116).

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