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 p502  Aedes Summani

Article on p502 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Summanus, aedes: (templa, Ovid): a temple near the circus Maximus (Fast.: ad circum Maximum; cf. Plin. NH XXIX.57: inter aedem Iuventatis et Summani), which probably replaced an altar ascribed to Titus Tatius (Varro, LL V.74). It was built during the war with Pyrrhus (Ov. Fast. VI.731‑732: reddita quisquis is est Summano templis feruntur / tum cum Romanis Pyrrhe timendus eras), and the hypothesis is plausible that this was done because the terracotta figure of Summanus in the pediment of the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus was reported to have been struck by lightning and hurled into the Tiber (Cic. de div. 1.10; Liv. per. XIV; Jord. I.2.14‑15, 98‑100). The temple of Summanus was itself struck by lightning in 197 B.C. (Liv. XXXII.29.1). Its day of dedication was 20th June (Ov. loc. cit.; Fast. Esquil. Venus. Amit. ad XII Kal. Iul., CIL I2 p211, 221, 243, 320). There is little doubt that it stood on the west side of the circus towards the Aventine. The temple of Dis Pater (q.v.), mentioned only in Not. (Reg. XI; om. Cur.), is perhaps to be identified with this temple of Summanus (HJ 119; WR 135; Rosch. IV.1600‑1601).

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