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 p28  Aqua Traiana

Article on p28 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Aqua Traiana: * an aqueduct built by Trajan (Not. app.; Pol. Silv. 545, 546; LP I.211), which drew its supply from springs at the north-west corner of the Lake of Bracciano (lacus Sabatinus). There are scanty traces of the ancient channel, but they have mostly been concealed by the reconstruction of the aqueduct by Paul V in 1605 (whence the modern name Acqua Paola). An inscribed cippus of 109 A.D. was found some 10 miles from Rome (CIL VI.1260 = 31567 = XI.3793);​1 while another with the inscription destroyed has been identified (BC 1892, 289). A large castellum with many lead pipes radiating from it was found in the Vigna Lais on the via Aurelia (LA 461‑463, but the only ones quite certainly found here are CIL XV.7369‑7373, while 7485, 7609, 7625, 7656, 7662 are doubtful).

The channel has recently been found in the construction of the American Academy (Mem. Am. Acad. I. (1917) 59‑61, and pl. 15), while in 1887 some of the mills for which it supplied the motive power were found (LF 27; see Molinae). Cf. also Mem. cit. VI.137 sqq. It appears also to have been found in the Villa Sciarra (NS 1886, 52) though it is not shown in LF.

For its terminal castellum, see Cohen, Trai. 20‑25, and for a branch from it to an establishment for pisciculture, see NS 1924, 56; YW 1923‑4, 110.

The aqueduct was cut by Vitiges in 537 (Procop. B. G. I.1519) and repaired by Belisarius (CIL XI.3298). For repairs in the seventh and eighth centuries see LPD I.324, 327 n20; 503, 504, 510; and cf. DuP 35, 38. (Jord. I.1.475; II.225; LA 374‑380; LR 56; HJ 648.)

The Authors' Note:

1 Bormann is wrong in referring (as T X.79 also does) ib. 3309 (NS 1882, 266) to this aqueduct; it relates to a local supply for the village of Forum Clodii.

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