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 p30  Ara Incendii Neronis

Article on p30 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Arae Incendii Neronis: altars erected by Domitian, probably one in each region, to commemorate the great fire of Nero and also incendiorum arcendorum causa (CIL VI.826, 30837). These altars were dedicated to Neptune, and copies exist of the inscriptions from three of them. One of these altars is recorded as having been used as building material for S. Peter's in the early sixteenth century. Another stood on the south-west side of the circus, at the foot of the slope of the Aventine, within the present limits of the Jewish cemetery, where some remains of the steps were found. A third, rediscovered in 1889, stood in an area paved with travertine on the south side of the Alta Semita, opposite the temple of Quirinus, under the Ministero della Casa Reale, close to the modern church of S. Andrea. The three steps that led up from this area to the higher level of the street have been traced for a distance of 35 metres (and are partially visible in the modern wall). Along the front of the area, close to the lower step, was a row of travertine cippi, 1.40 metres in height, 0.80 by 0.50 in depth and width, and 2.50 apart, of which three were found in situ, two whole and one injured. The altar itself was 2.75 metres back from the cippi, and was built of travertine, with a marble cornice. It was 1.26 metres in height and 3.25 by 6.25 in breadth and length, and stood on a pedestal with two steps (BC 1889, 331‑335, 379 ff.; Mitt. 1891, 116‑8; 1894, 194‑7; LF 16; HJ 128, 410, 425).

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