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 p45  Arcus Tiberii

Two articles on p45 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Arcus Tiberii (in campo Martio): mentioned only by Suetonius (Claud. 11), who says that Claudius erected in honour of Tiberius, near the theatre of Pompey, a marble arch 'decretum quidem olim a senatu verum omissum'.

Arcus Tiberii: erected in 16 A.D. to commemorate the recovery of the standards which had been captured by the Germans at the defeat of Varus in 9 A.D. (Tac. Ann. II.41). It stood at the north-west corner of the basilica Julia, on the north side of the Sacra Via, which was made narrower at this point by having its curb bent toward the south. The arch was single, as represented on a relief on the arch of Constantine (HC 74, fig. 28), and was approached by steps from the level of the forum. Various architectural fragments were discovered in 1835 and 1848, with parts of the inscription​1 (CIL VI.906, 31422, 31575), and its concrete foundations, 9 metres long and 6.3 wide, in 1900 (PAS II.47; Jord. I.2.211‑13; HC 68‑69; DR 443‑448; HFP 18).

A low stone arch inserted in a modern brick wall. It is the remannts of the Arch of Tiberius in the Roman Forum.
These meager fragments, as they appeared reassembled in 1998, labelled "Arco di Tiberio".

The Authors' Note:

1 The fragments of inscriptions supposed to have belonged to the arch have as a fact (as is pointed out in CIL cit., following RGDA2, 127) no connection with it — despite the statement in HC cit. But the arch, which, as Tacitus tells us, was propter aedem Saturni, has certainly been correctly identified (AJA 1912, 398).

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