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 p390  Pila Horatia

Article on pp390‑391 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Pila Horatia: a memorial of the victory won by the Horatii over the Curiatii. The spoils of the latter were said to have been fastened eo loco qui nunc pila Horatia appellatur (Liv. I.26.10), loco celebri cui pila Horatia nomen est (Schol. Bob. Cic. pro Mil. p277). In the Augustan period the pila was the corner column of one of the two basilicas at the entrance of the forum, on which the spoils of the Curiatii had once been hung, and which had retained the name after the spoils had disappeared (Dionys. III.22.9).​1 Whatever may have been the original form of the monument it was evidently represented at this later time by a pillar or column at the south-east or south-west corner of the basilica Aemilia, or at the north-east corner of the basilica Iulia (Jord. I.2.394‑395; Thédenat 105‑106, 213‑214; RE VIII.2325; Gilb. II.67‑70; cf. Rev.  p391 de l'hist. d. rel. 1907, 316; Rh. Mus. 1909, 468; AR 1909, 233; WS 1912, 321; BC 1914, 104; DR 465).

The Authors' Note:

1 cf. also Prop. III.3.7.

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