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 p401  Pons Neronianus

Article on p401 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Pons Neronianus: a bridge mentioned in the Mirabilia (11), and with further detail in its later editions — pons Neronianus ad Sassiam (Graphia 10), pons Neronis id est pons ruptus ad s. Spiritum in Sassia (Anon. Magl. 158, Urlichs). It was therefore in a ruined condition in the fifteenth century, and probably in the fourth, as it is not mentioned in Not. Some remains of its piers still exist at the bottom of the river (NS 1909, 13; BC 1909, 124‑125), and may be seen when the water is very low.​1 It crossed the river immediately below the new Ponte Vittorio Emanuele but at a slightly different angle, and connected the campus Martius with the Vatican meadows, the horti Agrippinae and the circus of Nero (cf. Arcus Arcadii Honorii et Theodosii, and see LF 14; KH II.). It was probably built by Nero to facilitate communication between this district and the city, but whether the name is ancient or only mediaeval is uncertain. The Via Triumphalis (1) ran north from it; and in the sixteenth century it was called pons Triumphalis; and Pope Julius II intended to restore it and connect the Via Giulia with it (Albertini de Mirabilibus u. R. (1510), c iiiv., & iiiv.; (1515), 11v., 95v.).

The Authors' Note:

1 DuP 52, 53, and fig. 25.

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