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 p405  Porta Carmentalis

Article on pp405‑406 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Porta Carmentalis: a gate in the Servian wall which derived its name from the neighbouring shrine of Carmenta (q.v.) at the south-west corner of the Capitoline (Dionys. I.32; X.14; Solin. I.13; Liv. XXIV.47; XXV.7; XXVII.37; Plut. Cam. 25). The location of this gate was very  p406 near the intersection of the present Via della Consolazione and the Via della Bocca della Verità. It appears to have had two openings (Liv. II.49; Ov. Fast. II.201), and one of these openings was called porta Scelerata because the ill-fated Fabii marched through it into Etruscan territory in 306 B.C. (Ov. Fast. II.203; Fest. 285, 334, 335; Verg. Aen. VIII.337, and Serv.; Jord. I.1.238‑239; Hermes 1870, 234; 1882, 428; Gilb. II.299; RE III.1596, Suppl. III.1183; Elter, Cremera u. porta Carmentalis, Progr. 1910; AR 1909, 71; BC 1914, 77; CR 1918, 14‑16; Fowler, Gathering of the Clans 36; for an erroneous view of the position of this gate, cf. Mél. 1909, 103).

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