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 p433  Sacellum Pudicitiae Patriciae

Article on pp433‑434 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Pudicitia Patricia, Sacellum (templum, signum): a shrine in the forum Boarium (Liv. X.23.3 (296 B.C.): in sacello Pudicitiae patriciae quae in foro boario est ad aedem rotundam Herculis; 5: in patriciae Pudicitiae templum; Fest. 242: Pudicitiae signum in foro boario est, ubi Aemiliana aedes est Herculis.​1 eam quidam Fortunae esse existimant. item via Latina ad milliarium IIII Fortuna Muliebris, nefas est attingi nisi ab ea quae semel nupsit (cf. PBS IV.79); ib. 243: Pudicitiae signum Romae celebratur quod nefas erat attingi nisi ab ea quae semel nupserit). There is no further record of this shrine, and the theory has been advanced that there never was any such, but that the veiled statue of Fortuna in her temple in the Forum Boarium (q.v.) was mistaken for one of Pudicitia, and gave rise to the aetiological story told by Livy which  p434 made Pudicitia patricia a contrast to Pudicitia plebeia (WR 333‑334; Wissowa, Ges. Abh. 254‑260; Rosch. III.3273‑3275). If the shrine did exist, it was a locus sacratus, not an aedes, and not to be identified with any existing remains (DAP 2.vi.241, 269).

The Authors' Note:

1 This is a correction of Scaliger; Mommsen (CIL I1 p150) prefers ubi familia edisset Herculis. We have no evidence for the existence of an aedes Herculis Aemiliana (cf. Hercules Victor (Invictus), aedes).

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