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 p308  Templum Iuturnae

Article on p308 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Iuturna, templum: the first temple of this goddess in Rome, was built by Q. Lutatius Catulus in the campus Martius (Serv. Aen. XII.139). This was probably the victor in the First Punic War rather than the contemporary of Sulla and builder of the Tabularium. The temple stood near the spot where the later aqua Virgo ended (Ov. Fast. I.463), that is, the north side of the Saepta, the modern Piazza di S. Ignazio (cf. however, LS III.124), and there is not the least possibility that a reminiscence of this cult of the water-goddess may be preserved in the name of the church of S. Maria in Aquiro,​1 a little farther north in the Piazza Capranica (Bull. d. Inst. 1871, 136‑145; HCh 310). Cicero speaks of gilded statues being set up in this temple (pro Clu. 101) and its day of dedication was 11th January (Ov. loc. cit.; Fast. Ant. ap. NS 1921, 85). The Volcanalia, 23rd August, were also celebrated in this temple if Hülsen's restoration of the calendar is correct (Fast. Arv. ad XI Kal. Sept., CIL I2 p215, 326; HJ 482). The identification of this temple with that of the Nymphs (q.v.), which was undoubtedly near by, seems to be without proof (Rosch. II.763; WR 223, 234; Gilb. III.163).

The Authors' Note:

1 The older form of the name is 'a Cyro,' which is probably that of the founder.

[Thayer Note: for further details, see Hülsen, Chiese p310.]

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