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Templum Victoriae

Article on p570 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Victoria, Aedes (τέμενος, Dionys.):* a temple on the Palatine hill, ascribed by tradition to Evander (Dionys. I.32.5), but actually built by L. Postumius Megellus out of fines levied by him during his aedile­ship, dedicated by him on 1st August (Fast. Praen. ad Kal. Aug., EE IX. No. 740; NS 1897, 421; Ant. ap. NS 1921, 104) when consul in 294 B.C. (Liv. X.33.9). During the years 204‑191, while the temple of the Magna Mater was still being built, the sacred stone of that goddess was kept in the temple of Victoria (Liv. XXIX.14.13). Near it Cato afterwards built a shrine of Victoria Virgo (Liv. XXXV.9.6). There is no record of any restoration of this temple (AJA 1905, 438‑440; Mem. Am. Acad. II.61), and its exact site is still uncertain. See CJ 1920, 297, where Chase states that Boni identified this temple with foundations found near the arch of Titus. It was doubtless on the Clivus Victoriae (q.v.), and remains of two dedicatory inscriptions (CIL VI.31049I2.805; 31060), found about 50 metres west of the present church of S. Teodoro, may indicate its position (HJ 47‑49; WR 139; Gilb. III.428‑429; LR 126‑127).

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