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 p566  Via Praenestina

Article on pp566‑567 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Via Praenestina (Not. app.): a road which began at the porta Esquilina of the Servian wall (to which the Clivus Suburanus led) and separated from the Via Labicana just before the Porta Praenestina. A considerable  p567 amount of its pavement and some interesting tombs have been found, notably the so‑called Casa Tonda (HJ 355‑357; LF 24; BC 1886, 27) in the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the Monumentum Aureliorum. Originally it was called Via Gabina, and led only as far as Gabii; then it was prolonged to Praeneste, a distance of 25 miles, from which a branch road led on to the via Labicana; but it was mainly a road for local traffic. It is mentioned in connection with the springs of the Aqua Appia (Frontinus, de aquis, I.5, 10) and the Aqua Virgo (Plin. NH XXXI.42). See references under Via Labicana; also T. VI.123‑128; X.460‑559, 564, 565; PBS I.131‑138, 149‑215.

Three of its milestones are known (CIL I2833, belonging to the second century B.C., and X.6886, 8306, both belonging to the time of Maxentius), but only one of its curatores (CIL XIV.169; BC 1891, 131), who was of equestrian rank.

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