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Collecting all the individual fons entries on pp210‑211 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

 p210  Fons Apollinis: mentioned only by Frontinus (de aq. I.4) as peculiarly wholesome. Its site is unknown (cf. LA 225; HJ 206).

Fons Camenarum: see Camenae.

Fons Cati: see Cati Fons.

Fons, Delubrum: a shrine dedicated in 231 B.C. by Cn. Papirius Maso from the booty that he had taken in Corsica (Cic. de nat. deor. III.52). Its site was probably just outside the porta Fontinalis in the extreme southern part of the campus Martius (cf. a fragment of the calendar found on the Esquiline in 1892, CIL VI.32493, pr. Id. Oct.:​1 Fonti extra p . . ., probably to be completed portam Fontinalem, and Fest. 85: Fontinalia fontium sacra unde et Romae Fontinalis porta; HJ 483‑484; RE VI.2839; DE III.181).

Fons Iuturnae: see Lacus Iuturnae.

Fons Lollianus: a spring somewhere on the western slope of the Caelian, known only from an inscription (CIL VI.161; cf. HJ 206; LA 235; LS III.206; CIL VI.30705).

Fons Muscosus: mentioned only in Plutarch (de fort. Rom. 10: μουσκῶσα καλουμένη κρήνη). It may have been in the forum Boarium (WR 257); see Fortuna Virgo.

 p211  Fons Pal . . .: perhaps to be completed as Palatinus, a spring known only from inscriptions (CIL VI.157‑160) and situated probably on the western slope of the Caelian (cf. Fons Lollianus and literature cited).

Fons Scaurianus: a spring known only from inscriptions (CIL VI.163‑165), and probably on the Aventine near the present church of S. Prisca (HJ 169‑70, 206; LA 235; LS III.206; CIL VI.30705).

The Authors' Notes:

1 This date is incorrect; other calendars record the Fontinalia on the 13th (cf. Fast. Ant. in NS 1921, 116).

See also the article Meta Sudans.

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