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Collecting all the individual forum entries on pp219‑245 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Forum Ahenobarbi: mentioned only in the list of fora in Appendix I of the Regionary Catalogue, and entirely unknown (Pr. Reg. 226; Jord. II.214).

 p220  Forum Aproniani: mentioned only in the Codex Theodosianus (XIII.5.29), and possibly in Pol. Silv. 545, where the text reads Apurani, with no indication of location (Jord. II.214; RE II.271; Gilb. III.240; DE III.200); in the former it occurs under date 400 A.D.

(pp220‑223) Forum Augusti: see separate page.

Forum Boarium: see separate page.

Forum Caesaris: see Forum Iulium.

Forum Coquinum: a name used once by Plautus (Pseud. 790), probably for the Macellum (q.v.), where cooks waited to be hired (Ter. Eun. 255‑7).

Forum Cuppedinis: the market where various delicacies were sold (cuppedia, cf. Walde, Etym. Wörterb. s.v., between the Sacra via and the Argiletum (Varro, LL V.146; Fest. 48; Donat. Ter. Eun. 256). This, with other separate markets, was incorporated in the Macellum (q.v.) of Fulvius Nobilior in 179 B.C. (Jord. I.2.434). In Symmachus (ep. iii.19) it is called forum Cupedinarium.

Forum Esquilinum: an open area on the Esquiline, known from three inscriptions (CIL VI.2223, 9179, 9180), one of which was found near the arch of Gallienus. This forum may perhaps be identified with that mentioned in two other inscriptions (CIL VI.1662, 31888) which record its restoration by Fl. Eurycles Epitynchianus, praef. urbi in 450 A.D. It is probably referred to in Appian (BC i.58), where the emended text reads περὶ τὴν Αἰσκύλειον ἀγοράν. This was the scene of the conflict between Sulla and Marius in 88 B.C., and the description  p225 indicates a rather large area inside the Servian wall. The forum was therefore probably inside the porta Esquilina, on the north-east part of the Oppius, near the church of S. Martino ai Monti (HJ 317; DE III. 203; RE VI.684; cf. BC 1914, 133).

Forum Gallorum: mentioned only in Reg. app. I, and wholly unknown (Jord. II.214; DE III.203).

Forum Graecorum: see Graecostadium.

Forum Holitorium: see separate page.

Forum Iulium: see separate page.

Forum Martis: see Forum Augustum.

(pp227‑229) Forum Nervae: see separate page.

Forum Pacis: see Templum Pacis.

Forum (Palatinum?): a forum supposed to be on the Palatine because of the discovery of an inscription preserved only in the Einsiedeln Itinerary (CIL VI praef. XI; 1177), which records the dedication of a forum by Valentinianus, Valens, and Gratianus, under the direction of Flavius Eupraxius, prefect of the city (for an identification of this forum with the paved space of the Horrea Agrippiana (q.v.) cf. Richmond in Essays and Studies presented to William Ridgway, Cambridge, 1913, 211).

Forum Palladium: see Forum Nervae.

Forum Pervium: see Forum Nervae.

Forum Petronii Maximi: assumed to have been constructed by Petronius Maximus, praef. urbi under Valentinian III and emperor 455 A.D., because of one dedicatory inscription (CIL VI.1198), in which he is called conditor fori, and a possible reference in another (ib. 1197). The first inscription was found a little north-east of S. Clemente, and therefore the forum is  p230 supposed to have been situated in that neighbourhood on the via Labicana (HJ 303‑4).

Forum Piscarium: the fish-market north of the forum, between the Sacra via and the Argiletum. It was burned in 210 B.C. (Liv. XXVI.27.2) and rebuilt the next year. In 179 it was incorporated in the general Macellum, built by Fulvius Nobilior in the same region (Liv. XL.51.5; Varro, LL V.146‑7; cf. Hermes xv.119). This forum is called piscatorium in Livy, and piscarium in Varro and Plautus (Curc. 474).

Forum Pistorum: mentioned only in the Regionary Catalogue in Region XIII. It was probably near the horrea, at the southern end of the Aventine (HJ 179; Jord. II.108).

Forum Romanum s. Magnum see separate page.

 p237  Forum Rusticorum: mentioned only in App. I of Reg. with the Forum Gallorum, and very doubtful (Jord. II.214; DE III.203).

Forum Suarium: the pork market of Rome during the empire, mentioned first in two inscriptions of about 200 A.D. (CIL VI.3728=31046, 9631), and then in documents of later date (Not. Reg. VII; Pol. Silv. 545; Cod. Theodosianus XIV.4.4.4; Philostr. Her. 283. Kays.​1). This market was near the barracks of the cohortes urbanae in the northern part of the campus Martius, probably close to the present Propaganda, and its administration was in the hands of the prefect or of one of his officers (CIL VI.1156a; Not. dignit. occ. iv.10; Digest. I.12.1.11). See HJ 452; BC 1895, 48‑9; DE III.207; and cf. Campus Pecuarius.

Forum Tauri: see separate page.

Forum Traiani: see separate page.

Forum Transitorium: see Forum Nervae.

Forum Ulpium: see Forum Traiani.

Forum Vespasiani: see Templum Pacis.

Forum Vinarium: known only from the mention of argentarii de foro vinario in four inscriptions (CIL VI.9181 abc, 9182), but perhaps to be connected with the Portus Vinarius (q.v.) and to be located near the Emporium (DE III.310).

The Authors' Note:

1 II.129.12 (Teubner).

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