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 p310  Lacus

Collecting all the individual lacus entries on pp310‑314 of

Samuel Ball Platner (as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby):
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

Lacus Aretis: mentioned only in the inscription (CIL VI.9664) of a negotiator aerarius et ferrarius sub aede Fortunae, ad lacum Aretis, but it is uncertain which temple this is.

Lacus Cunicli: a fountain in the campus Martius, known only from one inscription (BCr 1871, 75), of 375 A.D., where it is spoken of as 'de regione VIIII.' Whether 'cuniculus' means a rabbit (HJ 505) or is used in the metaphorical, but common, sense of an under­ground channel, is uncertain.

(p311) Lacus Curtius: see separate page.

Lacus Esc(uilinus?): found only on one lead plate (Rostowzew 499).

Lacus Fabricius: see Compitum Fabricium.

Lacus Fagutalis: see Fagutal.

Lacus Fundani: a spring on the western slope of the Quirinal, near the Cati fons (CIL VI.9854; Tac. Hist. III.69; Placidus p29).​1 It gave its name to the vicus laci Fund(ani) (CIL I2.i.721 = VI.1297; RhM 1894, 401‑403), a street that probably corresponded in general with the Via del Quirinale from the Piazza del Quirinale southwards.

Lacus Gallines: mentioned with no indication of location on only one inscription of unknown provenance (CIL VI.33835).

Lacus Ganymedis: a spring or fountain in the southern part of Region VII (Not. Cur.), otherwise unknown. Cf. LS III.202.

(pp312‑313) Lacus Iuturnae: see separate page.

Lacus Longus: mentioned only in one inscription (CIL VI.31893 b 9), otherwise unknown.

Lacus Miliarius: see Vicus Laci Miliarii.

(p314) Lacus Orphei: see separate page.

Lacus Pastorum: a fountain in Region III (Not. Cur.), probably south of the thermae Traianae and east of the Colosseum (Jord. II.119; HJ 319 and literature cited there).

Lacus Pisonis: see Domus Luciniana.

Lacus Promethei:* a spring or fountain in Region I (Not. Cur.), probably not far outside the porta Capena.

Lacus Restitutus: see Vicus Laci Restituti.

Lacus Servilius: a fountain in the forum, at the end of the vicus Iugarius and near the basilica Iulia (Fest. 290). The heads of the senators who were murdered in Sulla's proscription were fastened above and around this lacus (Cic. pro Rosc. Am. 89; Sen. de prov. III.7; Firm. Mat. astron. I.7.34). A structure in Anio tufa, destroyed by the restoration of the temple of Saturn in 42 B.C. has recently been identified with it (CR 1902, 94; JRS 1922 25‑26; TF 75).

Lacus Tectus: see Vicus Laci Tecti.

The Author's Note:

1 Deuerling reads 'Catialem collem, ubi nunc lacus funditur'; following the MSS.: Mai conjectures 'Fundani,' and is followed by Hülsen. In CLG V.53 the text is given thus: 'Catialem collem, ubi nunc lacus funditus est dictus a cuntico cuius locum' (sic).

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