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The Regionaries:

A Fourth-Century Description
of the XIV Regions of Rome

For now, very few frills here, but the complete Latin text is up, in the parallel critical edition given by Henri Jordan, in his Topographie der Stadt Rom im Alterthum, 2.ii.539‑574:

The text and the critical notes have been proofread twice, and should be clean, although I'll be improving some of the cosmetic details over the next few days.

References like "s. oben, S. nnn" are to the body of the Topographie der Stadt Rom. At least those parts of it dealing with the Notitia are already in progress: when ready, they'll be linked here and at each reference.

Jordan's notes on the content remain to be entered. They are few.


Jordan's apparatus criticus is exhaustive. His list of sigla is among the small items not online yet.

The entries of this apparatus are often short enough to be inserted as Javascript prompts, so you'll find them marked by little hollow bullets. Float your cursor over them (no need to click on them): º

The apparatus almost always applies to the word(s) preceding the bullet; more complex situations will be obvious, I hope.

Some few entries are longer than the space available in a Javascript prompt: you'll be directed to click on the bullet, and the entry will be at the bottom of the section.

Local Links

Every line of both the Curiosum and the Notitia has its permanent local link according to a systematic scheme: if you need to link to a specific line, one quick look at the source code will give you the pattern for all the links.

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