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Bridges of Rome

[image ALT: A view of a river in a city, with two old stone bridges in the middle ground. It is the Tiber in Rome; the bridges are the Ponte S. Angelo and the Ponte Rotto.]

Looking down the Tiber, SW from a parapet of Castel Sant' Angelo.
Both bridges are modern: the first is the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele;
the one behind it, the Ponte Amedeo di Savoia.

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Ponte Cestio

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Ponte Fabricio

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Ponte Milvio

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Ponte Rotto

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Ponte S. Angelo

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Ponte Sisto

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others, not extant

several articles in Platner's Topographical Dictionary

These are bridges in the actual city of Rome; some ancient, some modern. If you are looking for bridges built by the ancient Romans — that might be anywhere in the Roman empire — you're on the wrong page: see "Roman Bridges" in the navigation bar below.

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