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S. Silvestro in Capite

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A relatively inscription-free corner of the courtyard.

Rooted to the courtyard by walls full of Roman inscriptions on a warm summer afternoon, I never made it inside the church, for which you should therefore see one of the sites linked in the navigation bar at the foot of this page. Here, however — in addition to another photo in my diary — is what I can offer you of my own, at least until my next trip to Rome:

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[ 6/2/01: 1 page, 1 photo ]

The first of those inscriptions; more should follow by and by.

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Some solid topographical and art history information: Christian Hülsen's notice on this church in Le Chiese di Roma nel Medio Evo, linked to 2 further important texts — Armellini's Le Chiese di Roma and the church's entry in the 1763 edition of Filippo Titi's guidebook. (A note of mine in Armellini includes a photograph of a further pair of inscriptions.)

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